Best Practices to Avoid and Mitigate Technical Debt


No matter what tools you’re using or what kind of apps you’re building, choosing speed over quality almost always leads to technical debt. While you can spend much of your time planning your project or perfecting your code, you can’t always plan for changes to requirements, time to market pressure, or inherited legacy systems.

Technical debt is estimated to cost businesses $5 trillion in the next 10 years. How can dev teams avoid technical debt and costly pitfalls, but still deliver applications quickly? Join our upcoming Tech Talk to learn how you can build a strategy to tackle technical debt in your upcoming projects. Some of the topics our experts will cover include:

  • How to prioritize architecture, maintainability, performance, and security
  • Ways to take your tech debt temperature with the technical debt quadrant
  • How to leverage constant tech debt team check-ins
  • Best practices to manage technical debt as your application portfolio scales

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Paul de Abreu
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