NEW: Forge Documentation Tab + 50 examples!

You’ve spent time and energy building a Forge component, adding all the details, filling out all the fields, and perhaps (hopefully!) have also created a demo. But why? Because adding to the Forge repository, you’re helping your fellow OutSystems developers to build apps faster. Plus, you earn community points and boost your reputation at the same time!

But what if we can make the experience for others using your component even easier, and you could boost that reputation even more? Sounds like a win-win, right? 

We’re excited to launch a new initiative to improve Forge component documentation to improve the developer’s experience even more! 

Forge Documentation - What’s new?

  1. Adding a tab in Forge for documentation to make it easier for you to start using the component faster.

  2. Help you to create quality documentation by creating a cheat sheet with guidelines on how to create good documentation

  3. Identifying and curating 50 Forge components to use as good examples, to inspire your brilliant documentation. :)

Click through any of the images below to see these great documentation examples!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has worked on creating these great examples over the past couple months! It’s been a team effort to make sure we kicked off this new feature with tons of great examples for you.

Want to see what the new Documentation tab looks like, and/or get started adding documentation to your component? Head on over to one of the Forge components listed above and check it out. Or if you’re browsing one and don’t see documentation, be sure to post a message to the team and point them to this post! 

Btw, we're working on some fun incentives, so stay tuned!!

I can only applause the initiative! The forge is something that really adds value to the platform and the stronger the ecosystem, the more versatile the Outsystems platform becomes.

After having had a look through some of the components I notice there are quite a few that are written for version 10 and have dependencies on Silk UI. To me, that is a pity as that would add an additional dependency since I build on 11 using Outsystems Web UI. 

I understand that the Forge submissions are made for free by members of the community and I am extremely grateful to the people who have invested their time and effort into it every time I use a component. As the forge is of great value to Outsystems as a company, it might perhaps be good idea to invest some resources into helping the original authors to technically upgrade their components to the latest standards, at least for those top components that you present as flagship ones?

Once again, thank you for making the forge even better and a huge thanks to all those community members who use their talents to make all our lives a little better!

Mattias fully Agree with you. ! Forge is really a critical for the future of the platform.



Looks good! I have already added some documentation for one of my components. 

A thing of improvement could be that I can save drafts of the documentation and when I'm done, publish it. This will allow me to write on documentation at my own pace and don't have to worry about incomplete or missing sections that everyone sees. 

An other improvement would be to allow me change the font size so I can create chapters more clearly. 

Hi everyone,

and thanks a lot for your comments.

The ground step has been done, and there's a lot of opportunities improvement, So keep your feedback coming :) 

Great improvement!

For one of our component we have several manuals and tutorials available in PDF. It would be great if we could upload them to this section as well and make them available for download. 

It's a great improvement.

But it will a nice to have the possibility to donwload the documentation in form of a pdf.


Nice!!! No need to add that to the Demo app!

Tried to insert a video explainer we have from one of our components into documentation looks fine in edit but in preview and publish disappears.

Will followers get a note when the documentation is updated?

Hello Paul.

That will be a nice improvement. I you must propose it has an Idea!.


Ah, no demo app! One main app with documentation. Wow deal.