BinLOGIX Smart Bins

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Solution Overview

BinLogix is a pre-integrated IoT mobile and web app for the cleaning crew. Designed to read calibrated sensor data, it creates efficiencies in collections, over filling, littering, subcontractors and resource management and provides detailed intelligence from a range of container assets.
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Key Features

Inefficiencies in servicing street litter bins can be addressed very simply with a cost-effective solution.Too frequent visiting wastes valuable resources in crew’s time, fuel and the collection vehicle’s running costs. Too infrequent visits can cause an overflow situation which leads to complaints that need to be actioned and generates costs. With BinLogix sensors, the guesswork is taken out of your waste management. Our sensors enable your bins to tell you when they need emptying, enabling you to schedule collections only when they’re needed.

Key Benefits

  • Fully automated, using cost effective ultrasound bin sensors
  • Full visibility and management information
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • User App enables easy bin location/fill level monitoring
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient collections
  • For container type, provides map views, list view, collection schedule, fill rate and optimal forecast for empty

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