Predictability and Speed of Change—JTC Americas’s CTO Explains Why This Fintech Uses OutSystems

Izak Joubert, Group CTO, JTC Americas

JTC Americas, formerly NES Financial, is a leader in specialty financial administration. The company has used OutSystems since 2013 to build software products that streamline financial transactions for private equity, commercial real estate, and alternative assets. In this video, Izak Joubert, Group CTO, explains why JTC Americas has “never looked back” since adopting OutSystems. Although time to market is the ultimate objective, the aspects Izak values most about OutSystems are predictability and speed of change.

Predictability—of effort, cost, and quality, as multiple developers produce hardened, secure, compiled code to the same standard.

Speed of change—a universal visual language that is self-documenting, makes it faster to deliver updates, fixes, and enhancements. Reuse of code via microservices reduces the build-up of technical debt.

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