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C2S is an U.S.-headquartered, "Full Service" partner who can assist with: OutSystems' Licensing; Strategy Alignment, Roadmap Creation & Adoption Planning; Business Analysis & Business Analyst Resources; Delivery Resources - EM, Tech Lead, Web &Mobile Devs, Architects, UX/UI Experts +QA; Documentation, Training, Support, & Agile Coaching. We are also SAP, Hyland, AWS, & IBM partners who can bring deep expertise in ERP, Content Management, & Business Analytics that can be complementary to OutSystems projects.


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  • FinancialServices
    Franchise Client Portal
    • Finance
    • Financial Services
    2 Developers 11 Weeks Web Application 2021

    Create a single place of entry for Horne’s Franchise clients to access the different applications they are subscribed to, with the purpose of avoiding logging into each of the apps separately. Additionally, create a web application for Franchise clients to have access to their financial reports in real-time. (Tableau, M-Files, One-Login)

  • Government
    Blue Roof
    • Field Services
    • Government
    3 Developers 8 Weeks Mobile Application 2021

    Create a mobile application front end and a responsive web application back office that Horne can use to perform field surveys in all the locations (18,993) of the Blue Roof program, in order to monitor the assistance given to tenants and owners and identify additional areas of assistance for them to be included in any future Horne program.

  • Talent Experience Management and Selection Process
    Talent Experience Management and Selection Process
    • Human Resources
    • Business Services
    4 Developers 5 Months Web Application 2021

    ZEUS is the first 100% tech-enabled job candidates selection tool for professional profiles in Latin America. The core product offering is a database of professional profiles that have been previously analyzed based on personality and psychometric evaluations, along with a brief video presentation from each candidate.

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  • CorporateBusinessServices
    InSite Customer Portal
    • Customer Service
    • Business Services
    4 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2019

    Staff augmentation & led delivery of the next generation of the CRM app - including extending it to service to Canada & Western Brands, additional reporting capability, self service notifications (customer defined alerts), French, Large Customer SSO, and integration with SalesForce & other 3rd Party systems. Support/Maintenance/Upgrades.

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