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Solution Overview

Digital Wellness is a mobile application that caters to remote employees' wellbeing, as an extension of the organizations that can assist, connect, inform, and socially include the employees.

Together with our friends at Hi Interactive, Indigo drafted a beautiful user experience and design for the mobile application.
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Key Features

With this framework, any organization can quickstart its Employee Wellness program for a remote working scenario.

The component is easily customized to the organization's needs and schedule, and it integrates seamlessly with the existing tools and processes for employee wellness.


Key Benefits

Using this solution, companies make available the following to their remote employees:

  • Latest Company News & Announcements

  • Company and Team Calendar

  • Mood Assessment

  • Office visits - plan and register visits to the physical offices

  • And contacts, addresses, procedures, and other boring but useful info

  • And even… take a break and chit-chat at the (virtual) coffee machine!



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