Can OutSystems be used to build complex/big applications?

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  1. Application architecture guidelines
  2. Governance for large app portfolios
  3. OutSystems customer successes

Yes. OutSystems offers a fully integrated approach to development, quality assurance, deployment and management - the entire application lifecycle - which enables it to support high-scale app development.

With OutSystems, you can create robust architectures that support their core businesses and applications that scale to millions of users. It works on top of a customer's preferred middleware stack and scales from small applications to large enterprise installations. Governance is part of this approach.

Most of our customers have built complex portals and systems on OutSystems.

Application architecture guidelines

OutSystems offers a set of architectural best practices that identify how to organize the different application modules into multiple layers, such as for orchestration, end-user front-end, core business and library modules. This optimizes development productivity and ensures sound, long-term, continuous evolution for ever fresh applications.
Here is an example of a typical architecture for a medium complexity application:

Enterprise Grade

Governance for large app portfolios

Scale is not only about the number of users or application complexity; it is also about multiple development teams, expressiveness of tools and support for governing large portfolios of applications.

OutSystems has long supported the fine-grained configuration of governance rules. As the number of developers and applications grow, complex policies can be defined and federated application development team models implemented.

OutSystems customer successes

The majority of our customers have successfully used OutSystems to build complex, large-scale apps that connect to and even run large scale systems. Here are some examples.

An end-to-end insurance collaboration platform

Liberty Connect is a mature collaborative platform that allows every area of this insurance company, including external partners, to interact in real time. Developed with OutSystems, Liberty Connect has made it possible for Liberty to completely sustain its business without losing the ability to offer customer-centric services.

liberty diagram

A large claims handling solution integrated with SAP

Van Ameyde used OutSystems to build and deploy its European Claims Handling Optimization (ECHO) system, which now provides customized claims handling based on each customer’s service level agreement and their specific country’s requirements. The systems maintains standardized end-to-end resolution flows, centralized claims handling information, tight integration to the SAP backend, and an easy-to-use front-end interface to their 700+ employees across Europe.