OutSystems Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Statement


Our mission, as important today as it was on its first day over 20 years ago, is to help every company innovate through the power of software. From apps that save lives to those that process loans in a few clicks, customers use OutSystems to bring their visions to life. Our values and core rules of behavior guide us in delivering solutions in a responsible and ethical manner, while promoting excellent stewardship of our people, communities, and the planet. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) statement includes an ongoing commitment to responsible business practices.

Environmental Concerns

OutSystems understands that the world faces environmental challenges, and we are committed to environmental sustainability as a matter of principle and compliance. Our actions reflect efforts to monitor our impact on carbon emissions, and we will continue to search for ways to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint, and efficiently manage our resources.

  • Our technology platform is hosted in a multi-cloud environment. Our cloud providers continually work to build sustainable data centers designed to be efficient and resilient, while reducing their environmental impact, investing in renewable energy projects, and implementing energy efficient technologies.
  • We implemented a work in-place approach for all OutSystems employees, imposing very minimal commuting requirements. OutSystems is nearly paperless, and most of our employees create and use materials electronically. Recycling bins are available in our physical locations, and we encourage recycling and waste reduction efforts.

Social Concerns

At OutSystems, dedication and passion for customer success drives us, and that success is realized through a winning company culture and our commitment to integrity. We know that our work, the values and ethics we bring to interactions with our customers, communities, and between our employees are the keys to positive social impact, employee experience, and added value for our stakeholders.

OutSystems promotes a workplace culture built on health, safety, respect, and belonging.

  • We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or threatening behavior.
  • We recognize the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workplace. The diversity of our teams is a tremendous asset that allows for creativity and openness when finding new solutions together, while challenging the status quo in a safe and supportive workplace environment.
    • We foster a diverse applicant pool for open positions and have implemented DEI initiatives in our talent acquisition practices. We review and update our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) educational resources, programs, leadership trainings, and online Employee Resource Center. We donate to DEI organizations as part of company events, gifts, and challenges. We regularly introduce new DEI initiatives.
    • We are committed to promoting gender balance at all levels, including in leadership roles, and we strive to achieve this by consistently implementing initiatives focused on fostering retention, belonging, and allyship of women and other underrepresented groups.
    • We are committed to fair pay practices and competitive wages within the market.
  • We believe that the wellness of our employees has a positive impact on our culture and success. We often implement initiatives specifically for promoting the well-being and mental health of employees.

We are mindful of our responsibilities to our communities, and have executed several social impact programs independently or in conjunction with non-profit or education organizations.

  • The OutSystems platform has been used to materialize impactful ideas, such as:
    • The COVID-19 Community Response Program – Our community-based application development program assisted in combating the coronavirus and its effects digitally. Twenty applications were built to help fight the virus globally in 2020-2021.
    • The OutSystems Digital Volunteers Program - This program offers nonprofits, supported by our community, the opportunity to use the OutSystems platform to increase their outreach to nonprofit organizations and programs. Digital volunteers help build applications so that nonprofits can focus on their missions instead of building applications.
  • OutSystems has a long-standing commitment to education and building a diverse generation of developers. The company accelerated its software technology and development education efforts in communities that have been underrepresented, including women, people of color, and transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, among others.
    • Through its Social Impact and Education programs, OutSystems has partnered with organizations doing vital work in these communities, including Blacks in Technology, Mimmit Koodaa, Raparigas de Codigo, Women in Tech Netherlands, Women Who Code, and The Australian Computer Society.
    • The OutSystems Developer Education Program has partnered with over 2,300 universities across 40 countries, and has trained more than 58,000 students who completed nearly 68,000 online courses. These programs resulted in the creation of more than 9,000 free OutSystems development environments and close to 6,500 applications built.
  • We emphasize the importance of philanthropy by encouraging participation in volunteer activities, providing paid time off to employees for volunteer service. Our philanthropic activities have included donations and partnerships for blood donation, food banks, natural disaster assistance, job assistance, the war in Ukraine, and mentoring programs.

Governance Concerns

At OutSystems, we understand that governance and good business practices are fundamental to sound risk management and instilling a culture of accountability and integrity. OutSystems is dedicated to establishing ethical business practices by setting forth clear expectations of behavior, implementing appropriate policies and providing regular communication and reporting to our Board of Directors. We promote transparency and accountability to ensure ethical decision making is practiced throughout the business.

  • OutSystems has a Code of Conduct to which all employees must agree to comply. Employees are required to complete annual compliance and Code of Conduct training. Our Code communicates expectations for conduct and behaving with integrity. It covers our commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest, responsible and secure handling of information and data, anti-bribery, financial integrity, and compliance with laws.
  • OutSystems encourages ethical behavior. We have a Speak Up Helpline available 24/7 to all employees and third parties to address any employee question or concern. We have a strict non-retaliation policy for any good-faith reporting.
  • OutSystems is committed to secure data practices and has an information security program designed to protect the integrity and security of our systems and data. We maintain that commitment with continuous improvement through strong security and compliance risk management practices, including regular third-party verification of our security and compliance controls. OutSystems maintains compliance with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, and SOC 2 Type II standards, attested to by independent auditors.
  • We strongly value the respect for privacy rights and take privacy controls seriously. We ensure our compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations and are GDPR compliant. We are governed by the fundamental principles in terms of privacy and data protection, which include minimizing the amount of customer data collected, restricting access to customer data only to those employees and systems which need access to provide services, and providing transparent documentation regarding how customer data is processed.
  • Acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships means we do not tolerate any slavery or human trafficking occurring within our business operations. We are committed to creating effective systems to ensure such activity is not present or permitted.

OutSystems continually focuses on environmental, social, and governance concerns that consider the impacts of our actions on our employees, the greater community, and the environment.