OutSystems and Salesforce

Unlock Salesforce with high-performance low-code from OutSystems

Build strategic applications for the enterprise that turbocharge your Salesforce investment.

Push Salesforce to the limit with OutSystems

Use OutSystems to extend your low-code capabilities beyond the CRM-centric applications delivered by Salesforce. The result? A broad set of strategic applications with pixel-perfect UI, enterprise-grade scalability, and governance.

High-performance low-code

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Broader use cases

Create beautiful, built-to-fit applications for B2E, B2C, and critical systems that scale from the department to the enterprise all from one platform.

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Radical time to value

Deliver high-impact, visually stunning enterprise-grade applications in weeks instead of months, satisfying the needs of your enterprise architects.

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Transparent licensing

OutSystems licensing provides a surprise-free cost model and no-charge integrations with Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dataverse plus 4000+ other reusable, open-source modules, connectors, and UI components.

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Pro developer experience

Accelerate development with a visual, model-driven, AI-powered IDE optimized for PC and Mac and deploy on a single platform designed for native cloud architecture.

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Deploy on our cloud or yours

Deploy your applications when and where it makes sense for your business - OutSystems cloud, Azure, GCP, or your own private data center.

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Enterprise-grade security and governance

OutSystems delivers control to organizations as applications multiply, ensuring they're built from the ground up to be secure and adhering to the strictest requirements.

OutSystems and Salesforce together

Seamless Salesforce integration

Native Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, and Sharepoint integration allows you to integrate your critical business data with your OutSystems applications.

Keeping your options

By insulating your application from the back-end data model and vendor, your application can evolve to meet new requirements and not wait for the vendor.

Choose your integration path

OutSystems delivers native integration with no extra charge, and our 4000+ open-source components on the Forge gives your developers the flexibility to deliver the integrations your application needs.

Examples of customers using OutSystems in their Salesforce ecosystems


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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Lightning is a component framework for Salesforce application development. However, depending on the type of application (for example, if you need to build out a customer portal that integrates to multiple internal systems), you may need a development platform that is more flexible with integrations and can provide a User experience better suited to the business requirements.

Depending on the type and complexity of the application, Salesforce might be a good fit. However, if you were planning on an application that would be accessed by all employees, you would need to ensure you have adequate Salesforce licensing for them.

Salesforce Lightning is a great tool to modify and customize your existing Salesforce CRM application; however, if the use case included more complex scenarios (like verifying a customer name in Dunn and Bradstreet or simplifying the sales rep experience), then OutSystems might provide a more flexible development environment. See how we've combined OutSystems with Salesforce to boost sales rep productivity.

See how our high-performance low-code platform is different