How to Build Secure and Scalable Integrations


What is an app without data? Not much of an app at all. Today, an app’s value is primarily derived from its connections to data. The challenge is that integration with enterprise data sources is often a lot easier said than done.

Setting up integrations with any external system of record, regardless of the communication protocol, shouldn’t cause application delays. OutSystems Integration Builder removes the integration complexity, changing the integration paradigm from a development task to a configuration step, allowing you to quickly link your OutSystems applications to data in existing systems.

To see Integration Builder in action, join our upcoming Tech Talk, where we’ll cover:

  • How Integration Builder dramatically reduces integration and app development lead times
  • How to easily plug into your CRM or ERP system and quickly access the available data to enhance your OutSystems applications
  • Ways to easily change and augment existing integrations based on business requirements


Fernando Moitinho
Principal Product Manager,

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