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Liberty Insurance Streamlines and Automates End-to-end Business Processes for Thousands of Customers

What started out as a single proof of concept for a clinical application has grown over the past decade to become one of the longest-running and most complex installations ever undertaken by an OutSystems customer. Today, Liberty Seguros is a good example of the long-term benefits OutSystems provides. Liberty Connect is a custom-built solution that manages multiple business processes. It currently supports over 4000 internal and external users, runs on a cluster of nine front-ends, and includes integration with several systems of record.

Liberty Seguros - Insurance Management System - Timeline

“An Opportunity to Develop Business-focused IT.”

Liberty Seguros is a leading insurance company and part of the Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group - a global insurer and sixth largest property and casualty company in the United States. Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products and services and employs nearly 38,000 people in nearly 900 offices throughout the world.

Liberty’s ambitious vision was to connect every single department and external partner through an end-to-end solution that placed the customer at the core of operations and analytics. The single information system would streamline collaboration with external partners such as agents, car repair shops, customers, experts, and more.

Achieving this goal would be an enormous task given that:

  • Liberty had inherited a network of systems and applications from a previous merger and acquisition.
  • IT had to comply with the procedures and standards of Liberty Mutual’s headquarters.
  • The business strategy required them to extend their core processes to their agents.
  • Liberty wanted to increase the average lifetime of their applications to more than four years.
  • IT wanted to support tactical business needs through the creation of departmental micro applications.
“We rely on OutSystems for all custom application development, especially for systems of engagement and mobile applications.”
Eduardo Romano, CIO

Why OutSystems?

Liberty selected OutSystems to help them make this vision a reality because:

  • It would enable them to integrate and extend their existing back-end insurance systems and create front-ends tailored specifically to their innovative business model.
  • The flexibility to maintain and change applications while they are running would ensure the applications could be refreshed thus increasing their average lifetime.
  • It provided the opportunity to partner with business users to quickly create departmental applications to answer unforeseen or urgent needs.

“At Liberty, IT and business users have developed a strong partnership because IT is able to address new needs and adapt to new requirements in very aggressive time frames.”
José Silveira, Head of Development

“We want to be an easy company to do business with.”

Solution Capabilities

  • Customers Mobile and Web Channels
  • Web and Mobile Agent Channels
  • Claims Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Billing, Payments and Collections
  • Call Center
  • Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • Litigation Management
  • Extend and Modernize Systems of Record (DB2, Oracle, SAP, Dynamics, and more)
  • CRM
  • Contract Management
  • Underwriters Workbench
  • Agents and Customers Notifications
  • Document Management
  • Unified Customer View
  • Cross Selling and Campaign Management
  • Damage Assess Management
  • Agents APIs
  • Quoting and Simulations
  • Clinics and Repair Shops Portal
“Users specifically ask us to use OutSystems to deliver their applications. They've learned that the go-live is much faster, changes are delivered in hours and the usability is superior.“ 
Rodrigo Catarino, Project Manager

Liberty is a great example of what long-term use of OutSystems can produce. It has been 10 years since the first application in Liberty Connect went live. That clinical process solution is still alive today, exceeding the initial expectation of a four-year lifetime. This solution was developed and deployed in three months by a team of three developers and today, IT is still able to deliver new features with a one-week turnaround.

Fast forward 10 years and Liberty Connect is a mature collaborative platform with customers at its core. It allows every area of the company, including external partners, to interact in real time, and that has made it possible for Liberty to completely sustain its business without losing the ability to offer customer-centric services.


“Complexity and integration: extending systems of record.”

Since beginning this journey, Liberty’s IT team wanted to be autonomous and independent. Today, Liberty’s IT team owns and maintains one of the most complex OutSystems ecosystems in the world. Liberty Connect has become business critical. It interconnects all systems of record allowing everyone to collaborate through a single, tailored solution that allows Liberty to work in their very unique and differentiating way.

In fact, it’s not only user interfaces. Everything that needs extensive customization is pushed through OutSystems. This means that any feature or application that is a competitive differentiator and gives Liberty an edge is built with the platform.

By moving the customization out of the systems of record and onto the front-end applications, Liberty is able to:

  • Keep their solutions fresh, updated and compliant with new regulatory constraints.
  • Perform system of record upgrades with much lower impact in terms of costs and impact on business operations.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and increase the lifetime of their applications. The first Liberty Connect module is still running after ten years and several system of record replacements.
  • 2 months avg. time-to-market
  • 4 simultaneous projects
  • No shadow IT
  • All business units and external partners connected through a single platform
  • OutSystems is used for all custom development
  • First application deployed still runs today
  • Systems like Saperian, Sharepoint and Dynamics replaced by Liberty Connect

Solution Capabilities

  • Liberty Connect - The Insurance Collaboration platform
  • Liberty Connect is a mature collaborative platform with customers at its core. It allows every area of the company, including external partners, to interact in real time, and that has made it possible for Liberty to completely sustain its business without losing the ability to offer customer-centric services.
  • Integrations and Protocols
  • Three instances of DB2/400
  • Oracle
  • The Insurance Application (TIA)
  • Exchange, SharePoint
  • Kofax
  • Maestro Enterprise Service Bus