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SES Extends Its Capabilities With Mobile Apps Built by OutSystems That Are… Out of This World

With an impressive fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites, SES is the world’s leading provider of secure satellite-enabled communications. To fuel their global growth, SES is expanding into new vertical markets and transforming their business with innovative IT solutions powered by OutSystems. Solutions like a dashboard for real-time monitoring and managing satellite systems and a self-service portal for customers. 

Re-thinking the SES IT Strategy

Challenge - Headquartered in Luxembourg, SES is the leading provider of satellite-enabled communication solutions serving a wide range of customers from government agencies and multinational corporations. In order to best serve this diverse customer base, SES re-designed their IT strategy to deliver innovative solutions uniquely suited for each vertical market.
The new SES IT strategy was designed to accelerate delivery of new digital applications that included mobile, social, analytics, and cloud capabilities. To achieve the speed and agility needed, SES considered a number of low-code, rapid application development options.

The OutSystems Advantage

After analyzing the market, SES selected OutSystems because, as Stefan Okhuijzen, VP Business Applications said, “We found only a limited number of players excelling in low-code application development and delivery. We selected OutSystems because of the technical maturity of their platform and being the only solution that did not pursue a strategy of vendor lock-in.”
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"We created modern user interfaces for our core applications and our satellite planning tools."

Solution - The first applications SES delivered with OutSystems were modern, mobile front-ends integrated with the existing ERP and CRM systems. “With OutSystems, we created modern user interfaces for our core applications and our satellite planning tools. On top, we created a mobile app for a total customer experience enabling us to manage all customer activities like workflows, invoicing, and trouble tickets.”

"We accelerated the delivery of IT solutions by four to five times with OutSystems.”
Stefan Okhuijzen, VP Business Applications at SES

From the moment these solutions were deployed, they were well received by the business units. Building on those early successes, IT started developing innovative applications to support other business critical processes. For instance, a satellite optimizing app, a dashboard for real-time monitoring of satellite systems, and a self-service portal for customers.

A Partner in Digital Transformation

Thanks to all of its benefits, OutSystems is being widely adopted within all sectors of SES. A center of excellence has been set up to provide OutSystems training sessions where people can manage the master data, planning data, and customer data in a uniform way. “Other departments are going to use OutSystems as well. And thanks to the reusability of the platform we can work really efficiently, creating a catalog within the platform of user interfaces, frameworks, lists of data, and best practices. With OutSystems, we really empower our business,” said Okhuijzen.

Faster Solutions and Lower TCO

Results -The results from the initial solutions were impressive. With OutSystems, IT is much more responsive to the business demand.
As Okhuijzen says, “You can dive deep into the code and it’s easy to integrate new apps with the existing systems. Now we can support new verticals within eight to ten weeks - that’s a lot faster than traditional development methods.”

“But that’s not the only thing the business appreciates,” said Okhuijzen. The cost of application development and ongoing support is much less. For example, the cost of our service implementation tool is four to five times lower than with traditional development methods.”

Technical benefits

  • OutSystems is available on premises, in the cloud, and as hybrid solution
  • Possible to dive deep into the code and easily integrate with existing systems
  • No vendor lock-in, so technology can be changed
  • Integrated style guide for a uniform look and feel

Business benefits

  • Cost of developing and deploying apps is four to five times lower than with traditional methods
  • Support for verticals within periods of eight to ten weeks with innovative solutions
  • Modern and user-friendly interfaces
  • Much faster and more flexible IT to empower the business