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Ensure your students have the right skills for their future. Team up with OutSystems Education Program to create a customized curriculum using our technology and methodology.

OutSystems has been partnering with colleges and universities since 2004

So really, this event was so fun. Genuinely! And, even as a non computer science person, I feel like OutSystems is easy enough to learn and use that it doesn't even need to be a requirement anymore!

9000+ Students

Our Hackathons and events are always a success with students

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Hands-on exposure to technologies like OutSystems is a competitive edge over other recruits in the overcrowded talent market.

Jeffrey Howells, Department of Management Information Systems Lecturer
University of Georgia

Schools using OutSystems:

Schools using OutSystems:

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Low-code is the new frontier. Forrester says OutSystems is the low-code pioneer and pace setter.
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