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Truewind is a leading consultant in the management of agile software solutions addressing the business challenges of its customers. Operating in sectors as diverse as Health, Insurance and Government, we have a record of excellence delivering innovative platforms in Portugal, Brazil, UK and US. Truewind develops digital transformation processes, increases business efficiency, and minimises time to bring innovation to the market, improving customer experiences across channels.



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  • DevOps
  • OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC)
  • Platform Setup & Maintenance
  • UX/UI Design

Projects Delivered

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  • Healthcare
    Surgery Tracking
    • Workflow and processes
    • Healthcare
    4 Developers 22 Weeks Web Application 2023

    The purpose of the customer Chart application is to provide users with an efficient system that supports the staff throughout the customer journey, which will help the ongoing business grow while maintaining and improving the service quality. It is designed to help they Medical team digitally manage the entire lifecycle of day of surgery by Transforming in...

  • OtherIndustries
    Facilities Estimation Tool
    • Sales
    • Other Industries
    4 Developers 10 Weeks Web Application 2023

    The Facilities Estimation Tool is a solution created to support our customer's deal quotation by means of a digital, simple, and automated system.

  • ConstructionEngineering
    Audit Tool
    • Other use cases
    • Construction & Engineering
    4 Developers 11 Weeks Mobile Application 2023

    Audit Pro is a solution that enables engineers to conduct audits on their customers' sites in a standard, centralized and efficient way.

  • ConstructionEngineering
    Boiler Book
    • Customer Service
    • Construction & Engineering
    5 Developers 9 Weeks Mobile Application 2023

    The customer had the need to automate and simplify the daily process of the boiler operating teams needed to go through to check the health of their boilers. This was previously done on paper, which was time-consuming and often led to errors and data loss. Truewind delivered a mobile solution that: Guides the operator through the tasks that must be complet...

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Logo
    Performance Evaluation Solution
    • Field Services
    • Business Services
    Take control of your employees’ performance evaluation cycle, from the definition of competencies and goals, to the evaluation process itself, including individual development plans creation and performance analysis.
  • Logo
    Content Management Solution
    • Content & Marketing
    Quickly and easily create, manage and publish content on public/private websites, enabling marketers and other content managing users to control what and when gets published. Advanced SEO features and easy integration from OutSystems applications.
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    • Development Tools
    Integrate enterprise apps distributed across multiple platforms using Truewind SOA BUS. Leverage the “integrate with anything” power of the OutSystems platform by having a single point to manage usage, access control, logging and access credentials.
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    Appointment Scheduling Solution
    • Events & Scheduling
    Enhance customer experience starting from the booking system. Appointment booking is key in many industries. Truewind Appointment scheduling will fast track projects, delivering appointment setting over web and mobile with your brand look & feel.

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