Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Across the SDLC


As the demand for applications continues to grow, dev teams need ways to accelerate application development while ensuring the delivery of high-functioning apps. Demands for a smooth user experience are also on the rise, making the usability of applications especially important.

Artificial intelligence can not only help accelerate application development, but it can also allow end-users to interact with applications with greater ease. Interested in adding AI to your app dev process?

Join our short, high-impact Tech Talk where we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of AI in application development
  • How to utilize AI-assisted development to deliver modern apps quickly and efficiently
  • How you can add AI to apps to enhance the user experience and better engage customers
  • A variety of real-world applications of AI, including document processing and machine learning

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Riva Uy
Lead Solution Architect,

Steven Salim
Senior Solution Architect,

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