Cool Configurator

Cool Configurator

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Solution Overview

The Cool Configurator allows you to improve Property Management. You can monitor and manage the actual versus the configured values of:

• Site properties
• REST Web references
• SOAP Services
• Timers

You can now define “golden sources” of each environments and track & make changes to actual values across multiple environments.
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Key Features

Outsystems environments can become very complex over time. It can therefore be very challenging to control and set the value of a certain property in a certain environment. The Cool Configurator allows you to check where to find the property (in which module) and to control it has the correct value.

This is possible to do in Service Center but it is very tedious.



Key Benefits

  • Complete overview of properties
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Easy management across all environments
  • Minor dependency of Service Center
  • Simple migration of configuration management
  • Less human errors
  • Efficiency gains in property management
  • Authorization management from LifeTime



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