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Spheresoft Company Limited is a software company in Thailand. Our delivery teams, while highly proficient in Project Management, Software Analysis and Design, Mobile and Web Application Development with .Net, java, c# and React Native, we are always on the lookout for new tools and technology. Empower customers, across a wide range of industries, to reach digital transformation goals and solve complex business problems are our mission. We are willing to help our customers maximize the benefits of combining agile and low-code to build great digital solutions.


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  • Covid Application Phase 2
    Covid Application Phase 2
    • Human Resources
    • Energy & Utilities
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2021

    The application included a check-in function to specify a current location and Covid-19 screening information recorded. Risk Report (for those who report symptoms) is functions to fill detail on the risk assessment form. Recorded the check-in list for past 14 days displayed with a dashboard to see all recorded assessment status and vaccination reports.

  • Incident Management System
    Incident Management System
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Energy & Utilities
    3 Developers 12 Weeks Web Application 2022

    Incident Management System to support user for the incident report including Accident, Near Miss, Sub-Standard and support for suggestion report. The application is an approval workflow for displaying the report which is reviewed by supervisors and always verifies security from the security agency (SSHE Site).

  • Legal Protocol
    Legal Protocol
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Energy & Utilities
    2 Developers 8 Weeks Web Application 2022

    Legal Protocol System to support Legal activities request which are Contract Activities, Power of Attorney, Legal Opinion, Letter, Legal Notice. The application is an approval process and every process needs to be approved and notified to the relevant parties to acknowledge.

  • Plant Incident System
    Plant Incident System
    • Workflow and processes
    • Energy & Utilities
    1 Developer 4 Weeks Web Application 2022

    Plant Incident System is the business process management systems for plan incident report within the internal process of the organisation that require to log in via O365 including the identify impact functions on Financial Impact, Customer Impact, Safety Impact and Environment Impact.

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