Training Partner Since 2019


BlueMeme is the first OutSystems distributor in Japan. Companies consult BlueMeme for introductions to modern app development to address product sales, enterprise agility, and model-driven system development. For those seeking to learn OutSystems, BlueMeme is also highly engaged in training developers.

They specialize in agile development and software introduction consulting. By promoting efficiency and system construction optimization, BlueMeme is eager to support the realization of IT systems that flexibly respond to market changes and enhance companies’ competitiveness.

Alongside consulting, BlueMeme has also trained 400+ OutSystems professionals in 100+ classroom courses throughout their history.

“We introduced OutSystems to the Japanese market initially in 2012 and have been leading the low-code development market in Japan since then. Many OutSystems engineers in Japan have taken our training program, and as of 2019, we have more than 1,000 engineers registered for our training courses. In addition to the training partner standard programs, we also carry out our own training programs with more practical training content for beginners in-house.”

Takashi Kataoka

Professional Service Manager & Technical Academy Team Leader at BlueMeme