The OutSystems architecture is a layered ecosystem that enables developers to build applications fast, build them right, and build them for the future.


OutSystems Platform Diagram


The top layer of the architecture includes tools, a repository, builders, processes, and components that are infused with AI to remove the challenging aspects of application and data integration, managing the SDLC, and application design and development. This layer is underpinned by an AI-powered services layer for automating complex change management and architectural review processes, removing repetitive tasks and guesswork from application development, delivering 250+ points of security, code generation, and logging. The runtime layer is decoupled from the development process, which enables it to offer the option of deployment in the cloud or on-premises.

Build Applications Fast

The OutSystems architecture enables developers to build complete and compelling software solutions quickly and efficiently, with a visual development environment and tools that automate and augment the critical phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

  • Specialized tools accelerate development by simplifying the complexity of creating specific types of applications and connecting to enterprise data.
  • Integration with 275+ third-party enterprise systems, databases, and custom applications create a flexible, scalable, and open environment built for fast development and change.
  • Pre-built UI templates and patterns eliminate duplication and extra work, enabling faster delivery of experiences that perform well and look great on any device.
  • A repository of reusable code from a large community (300,000+) of developers and partners offers components and connectors that streamline coding and rework.
  • AI-assisted development guides developers through processes, suggesting the next best actions and sources for help, eliminating friction and long lead times.

Build Applications Right

The OutSystems architecture includes the integrated tools and infrastructure necessary for ensuring that modern, enterprise-grade applications are secure, resilient, cloud-ready, and built to scale:

  • Application services provide scalability, governance, and compliance to ensure applications perform as needed.
  • Over 200 security checks are performed from app design-time to runtime while a special feature automatically adds layers of security during mobile app deployment.
  • Apps are constantly monitored to ensure development best practices are being followed, and AI finds and solves issues early, eliminating design errors and duplication of effort.
  • Real-time application performance data helps identify anything that needs to be corrected or optimized, which keeps costs down and users delighted.

Build Applications for the Future

The OutSystems architecture was designed to help developers and IT manage change. Platform services, AI, and visual tools enable the continuous introduction of features and capabilities so developers can build applications that evolve quickly as business changes and technologies are introduced:

  • A continuous change service checks for bugs and architecture errors, analyzes the impact of changes on dependencies, and provides team and architectural governance.
  • Intelligent automation and pre-built accelerators enable business experts to create and change their workflows and processes.
  • Innovative and evolving technology such as AI, IoT, and RPA can be pulled in from the OutSystems component repository and easily integrated into applications.
  • A fully automated CI/CD pipeline enables deployment, changes, and rollback with a single-click and governs them with role-based approval for all stages and app layers.

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