How to Diagnose and Manage Technical Debt


How many times have you been in a project where a change in requirements would need significant effort to get done? Or, have you released an application, only to realize there's a significant amount of tasks still in the backlog but the project's run out of budget?

As developers, we know technical debt is inevitable and it needs to be tackled on a regular and consistent basis.

Applications built with OutSystems rely on standard architectures and frameworks, so technical debt is limited before development even begins. But, how can you tackle the technical debt that may arise during your app dev project? Join our upcoming In-Depth Tech Talk where you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage architecture dashboard to manage technical debt during every stage of development
  • How to build a clear prioritization guideline for your team during development
  • Ways you can measure the temperature of your decisions about technical debt


João Melo
Outsystems MVP & Tech Lead,

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