How the Pandemic Impacted DACH Industries:

The Unexpected Catalyst for Digital Transformation

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The pandemic shut branches and offices across Europe – forcing people to buy goods and services online in unprecedented numbers – and has changed not only where people work, but how customers interact with businesses and how businesses need to operate.

With many enterprises being burdened by pre-pandemic legacy systems the need to upgrade is increasingly being recognised by organisations in all industries – with technology now seen as a strategic capability rather than simply a means of cutting costs.

With 81% of technologists stating that Covid-19 has created the biggest technology pressure their organisation has ever experienced – and 64% being asked to perform tasks and activities they have never done before – there is a desperate need for employees with the appropriate skills.

Download this report to learn about how lockdown affected different Northern European industries in different ways, how they managed it, and how their core systems handled the unexpected and unprecedented surge in online users.