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Renotec Simplifies Complex ERP-centric Processes

3 vital apps developed in three months
14,000 assets under management
1 extra developer hired
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Renotec renovates and restores buildings, monuments, and artworks by combining craftsmanship and innovation. The company wanted to improve how it tracked thousands of tools, machines, workers, and safety compliance requirements. Renotec chose OutSystems to power its digital transformation. The company delivered its first three apps in just three months—allowing Renotec’s IT group to become a high-performing team driving business innovation.

  • App Modernization
  • Digital Core Systems
  • Digital Transformation
  • Field Service Optimization
  • Mobile Applications
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Web Apps & Portals
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"We evaluated three low-code platforms and chose OutSystems. It was easy for our developers to learn and provided the most flexibility to build the smart, mobile-friendly applications we required.”

Guy De Knaep IT Manager, Renotec

New Apps Required to Intelligently Manage Thousands of Tools, Machinery, and Vans

Asset management was a considerable headache for Renotec. It needed to manage an inventory of over 14,000 power tools, vans, and construction assets that moved fluidly between its warehouse and construction sites. Keeping track of which workers had which tools and the maintenance and safety status of potentially dangerous equipment added complexity to a constantly changing picture.

Previously, Renotec tracked its assets in a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Renotec added RFID tags to power tools and other equipment to improve inventory control. And while that improved visibility of asset location, it introduced another database. The technical and warehouse department had a variety of other applications used to track repairs and safety checks.

The result was a disjointed information landscape, making asset management extremely hard and time-consuming for Renotec. Moreover, site managers and construction workers were poorly supported. Without mobile-friendly access to update asset status and location, poor data quality resulted in delays, inefficiency, and avoidable costs.

To deal with these challenges, Renotec’s technical and warehouse department manager contacted Guy De Knaep, Renotec’s IT Manager, searching for an integrated solution that would serve both field-based workers and technical and warehouse staff.

“I’d already started to investigate low-code, and this seemed like an ideal opportunity for that approach. Custom development was needed to provide smart, easy-to-use applications that would unify our different data sources."

Guy De Knaep IT Manager, Renotec

Replacing Renotec’s ERP and RFID systems was out of the question. Instead, the vision was to leverage these existing data sources while delivering a combination of simple mobile-friendly apps for site-based workers and more powerful web applications for users in the technical and warehouse department.

“Adding more packaged software applications wasn’t the answer,” says Guy. “We’d have made a bad user adoption story even worse. Instead, we needed smart, easy-to-use applications that gave users just what they wanted and nothing else.”

Guy knew his developer would need plenty of power and flexibility to deliver on its vision. “Our goal was to provide users with elegant, easy-to-use applications,” explains Guy. “But simplicity on the front-end depends on powerful integration and development at the back-end.”

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Why Renotec chose OutSystems:
  • Deliver field service apps
  • Full-stack visual development with no limits
  • Deliver web and mobile applications

IT Team Quickly Develops Three Crucial Apps

Guy evaluated three leading low-code development platforms, eventually selecting OutSystems as his preferred option. “I felt OutSystems would give us the flexibility required to build elegant front ends, plus the power to integrate and develop a wide variety of applications beyond our immediate requirement.”

While Renotec’s developers learned how to develop on the OutSystems platform, they tackled some relatively easy applications from the IT team’s backlog. These included a contact app, an expenses app, and an application used to track government compensation when bad weather disrupts work. Each app only took one developer a couple of weeks to build and launch.

Three months after adopting OutSystems, Guy’s team presented its first three apps to the Renotec board. “They were really surprised about the quality, user-friendliness, and smartness of the applications,” says Guy.

The leadership team was so impressed with the development speed and quality that it inspired numerous additional development requests. “Luckily, they gave me the budget to hire an additional developer,” explains Guy. “Otherwise, we’d have had a rapidly growing backlog while concentrating on the asset management solution.”

“Our management team paid a big compliment to this work. They said the applications looked very easy to use and recognized that this simplicity was made possible by lots of clever development behind the scenes."

Guy De Knaep IT Manager, Renotec

With two OutSystems developers, Renotec’s IT team could accelerate development on numerous fronts. Projects undertaken so far include:

  • The asset management mobile app for project managers and construction workers, with an accompanying web app for warehouse-based users.
  • An integration with Sharepoint online for document management functionality within the developed OutSystems apps.
  • An equipment maintenance and inspection scheduling app for the technical department.
  • A health and safety application used to record accidents, safety incidents, and near misses at construction sites or elsewhere.
  • A module for toolboxes (safety training topics), with an accompanying web app for administration.
  • Integration with PowerBI for reporting.
  • A workplace inspections app used by project managers to track five kinds of site inspections.
  • A vehicle maintenance and inspection app that schedules service checks based on date or mileage. The app also streamlines pick-up, drop-off, and loan vehicles when required.
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"OutSystems development is faster than upgrading and configuring huge systems like our ERP. So, looking ahead, I’d like to minimize the customization of these packaged solutions. Where we need differentiation, it’s better to use the more agile approach that OutSystems provides us.”

Guy De Knaep IT Manager, Renotec

Simple Yet Clever Digital Experiences Drive Adoption and Efficiency

The team launched the warehouse app in just four months, with a single developer working on it. Renotec’s project managers, construction workers, technical and warehouse department can now easily track its inventory of 14,000 power tools and construction assets.

The user view for the field workers is simple. On the other hand, back-office users see an overview of all the projects and can filter data for analysis and reports.

The asset app also makes inspections a cinch. “If an inspector comes to a construction site and wants to inspect all the machines, you need a list of which machines are on this site,” explains Guy. “Our new app makes that incredibly easy, combining data from the ERP, Checkinatwork, and RFID databases into an instant search result.”

The technical department’s equipment maintenance and inspection scheduling app is a huge time saver for planners. In the past, compiling a list of equipment due for inspection or repair was a daily effort. Now, a large screen in the warehouse displays an automatically prioritized list of repairs and inspections. This combines maintenance data, inventory data, and details about the type of machine from the ERP system.

“Thanks to this smart process redesign, we no longer have to plan this type of inspection or repair. The planner has an automatic overview and just has to intervene where necessary. So, he can concentrate on several other tasks,” says Guy.


With easy-to-use field-based apps, Renotec now provides a consistent user experience for project managers, construction workers, and technical warehouse staff. “It’s now much easier to train people to use these systems correctly,” says Guy. “Improved user adoption means that data quality is higher and more up-to-date. That drives better decision making and greater efficiency.”

Commenting on Renotec's many health and safety obligations in the construction industry, Guy says: "With the greatly improved usability of the applications, we get more and better input from construction sites, helping us to better understand and anticipate safety requirements.”

The team is now planning a new eCommerce-style application to streamline the equipment requisition experience for site managers and construction workers.

Looking ahead, Guy sees OutSystems potentially playing an even more strategic role in Renotec’s IT strategy. “OutSystems development is faster than upgrading and configuring huge systems like our ERP,” explains Guy. “So, looking ahead, I’d like to minimize the customization of these packaged solutions. Where we need differentiation, it’s better to use the more agile approach that OutSystems provides us.”