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  • CMO
    How PaaS is helping Volkswagen to deliver customer leads on mobile

    "OutSystems provides the platform that enabled the rapid deployment and release of a new application to distribute leads to dealers."


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  • CIO Asia
    OutSystems - A platform whose time has come

    "Mobility and cloud are other factors that are playing a role in the success of OutSystems"- Paulo Rosado's interview to CIO Asia.


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  • Computing
    PaaS bucks up Mobile App Development

    Scott Darrow, global CTO and CIO of ADEC Group, discusses how his company successfully changed their entire approach to developing and delivering applications with OutSystems. “I don’t know what they’re drinking over there, but it’s a breath of fresh air.”


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  • ZDNet
    5 reasons Platform as a Service is hot this year

    PaaS means faster time to market and more agile software for enterprises.


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  • Computing
    “We’ve been doing DevOps and cloud since 2001” says PaaS rival OutSystems

    Is DevOps the new crown to play for in an increasingly agile world? Paulo Rosado explains why OutSystems certainly seems to be in the right place at the right time for pushing forward.


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  • Global Banking & Finance Review
    Under Investment in Banks is Causing Major IT Headaches

    There is pressure on banks to overhaul their IT systems following the Cyber Monday computer glitch.


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