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Solverines is creative technology company providing key digital services on web, mobile and cloud platforms.


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  • Resource Center Tracking Management System (RCTMS)
    • Human Resources
    • Travel, Leisure, Entertainment
    2 Developers 6 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Company gives out Daily /Annual pass to Casino for its employees to be assigned in the resource center. The application raises request for Employer to get daily or Annual pass for the Casino, which has to be approved by their immediate superior. When exceeding the limit, the system requires approval.

  • Resource Access Management System (RAMS)
    • Computer & Technology
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 6 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Application helps staff to raise request to access a Data Center. The workflow is to provide approval from the concerned people and then a PDF is generated for physical copy to be printed for the resource to get inside the data center.

  • Gateway Access Control (GAC)
    • Education
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 6 Weeks Web Application 2019

    GAC allows the visitors into a premises with the help of barcode. The application scans the barcode details and fed into the application for entrance approval. If the visitor brings in additional guests then, Ad-Hoc barcodes are generated and then allowed inside the premises.

  • Truck Operations Maintenance Systems (TOMS)
    • Business Services
    • Other use cases
    2 Developers 10 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Application to log the list of required information before operating a vehicle. Business revolves around Maintenance ,Tow Trucks and Monitoring vehicles, where user registration is mandatory before operating them. Fields are created dynamically.

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