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Documentum Information Management Accelerator

Documentum Information Management Accelerator connects OutSystems applications with the OpenText™ Documentum™ Enterprise Information Management platform. Create, Find, Read, Modify, Add and Delete information (documents, content, metadata) under control of enterprise governance. Start, process & finish tasks. Best ever User Experience. Fast time-to-market.

Board Management Solution

Board Management Solution enables the process centralization for scheduling and management of executive committee meetings, notification of participants, registration and consulting of the agenda, registration of opinions and submission of documents.

Awesome UI

Made specifically for OutSystems, Awesome UI enhances the best design skills without having deep dive and waste hours in coding. Design your own custom OutSystems Style Guide for your apps at the speed of light.

SOXET – SOX Enterprise Toolkit

SOXET is an automation framework built to support the end-to-end SOX audit and compliance process to extract, prepare, operate, post validate, and close controls.

Oppchain HealthCheck

Oppchain HealthCheck allows companies to get health and remote work ability data from employees. Then, use those data to provide recommendations for every situation in order to mitigate the risk of the spread and to ensure business continuity. If you're interested by this application feel free to reach us. YouTube Link : https://bit.ly/39J9cD1

Digital Labs Service

FPT provides Outsystems Digital Labs and professional developers which helps customers focus on digital innovation. It is important to realize digital innovation is not just technology. It requires a customer focused innovation culture, suitably structured to offer the flexibility to identify new opportunities to take advantage of them.

Lotus Notes Migration Solution

1. NOTES APP REDUCTION Helps discover and reduce large amount of unnecessary Notes Apps and get ready to migrate. 2. OPTIMIZED MIGRATION METHODOLOGY Well-Organized Systems Significant Migration Cost and Time savings delivered. 3. LOW CODE APPROACH Faster, improve customer experience with Great UI/UX Future proof and ready for External integration

XPressBSS for Healthcare

XpressBSS is built after 7 years’ experience working with dental care clinics and prosthesis laboratory, having allowed systematic review and optimization of its every processes.


XPressBSS solution is an enterprise agility platform, a product of more than a decade of experience building Business Software Solutions. Introducing a new concept of “Customized Resource Planner”.

Legal Management System

LMS it's a software solution that provides powerful administration and tracking of debt collection and litigation processes. A legal management solution specially designed to help law firms, banks, financial institutions, companies from the telecommunication sector and other businesses with high rates of unpaid debt.

Compliance Management App

With ISB’s Compliance Management application, manage all your compliance requirements in one single system, available on the web and any device. It provides real time visibility of your compliance status, with a quick drill-down to upcoming expiries and with an embedded document management system.

BinLOGIX Smart Bins

BinLogix is a pre-integrated IoT mobile and web app for the cleaning crew. Designed to read calibrated sensor data, it creates efficiencies in collections, over filling, littering, subcontractors and resource management and provides detailed intelligence from a range of container assets.

DRIViLOGIX Mobile Driver App

DriviLogix is a driver mobile application designed to help the driver work through and complete the tasks associated with their daily process such as collecting and transporting waste materials in different jobs and routes to get to recycling and disposal points.

ROUTiLOGIX Logistics Management

ROUTiLOGIX continuously listens to all process components, identifies problem areas and responds to continuous change. This is all about harmonious interaction between the components: demand management, resource management, route planning, and route execution.


The OutSystems Deployment and Management Solutions (ODMS) is a simple to use LifeTime plugin to manage your application deployments to (decentral) environments. Do you have multiple (10/100/1000) local production environments for your stores, ships, plants or other decentral environments? Please contact us for a free demo!

Dixtior Compliance Solution

Dixtior Compliance Solution analyzes and evaluates all transactions carried out by financial institutions and issues alerts when suspicious activity occurs. It can be adapted to each client, within the scope of AML. We analyze company data and develop specific models, adjusted to the realities of the markets where they operate.

Tax SelfServe

DB Results SelfServe Portal Tax enables Tax Collection government agencies to offer a self service portal to its taxpayer for payment of various tax types. Taxpayers can manage their transactions and enquiries through multiple digital channels.


The solution comprised: A mobile app for coaches to manage clients, session booking, attendance, notes, clinical risk score calculation and workflow A web app for approving payments, automatic self-billing invoice generation, financial reconciliation, management reporting, and full client and session data management.

Out of Court Disposals

Out of Court Disposals is an application designed for UK Police Forces to enable the management of low-impact crime and resolve without going through the criminal court process. It provides the ability to record details of the crime, the victim, the offender, witnesses and collection of evidence.

Digital Trader Services

Digital Trader Services helps you import goods from the EU to Great Britain Digital Trader Services brings together the best in customs expertise and technology to improve customs management. Our first priority is to help businesses and Logistics Service Providers easily import goods from the EU to Great Britain.


SENSE-Making is a solution that helps identify informal leaders who can influence change and gain insights into stakeholder perceptions. Leveraging predictive analytics based on extensive performance research, we enrich the employee experience and engagement to successfully drive transformation.

PriceWise - Pricing & Rebate Management

PriceWise is an end-to-end solution for Managing Pricing and Rebate Programs covering each process: client recruitment, contract management, contract tracking, and finally assistance in automatic customer payouts.

Patient First Platform

A digital healthcare platform that automates the business ecosystem of public & private healthcare providers to avail personalized, proactive & engaging healthcare experiences for patients, and other stakeholders; online, on mobile, on social & by phone. The platform centralizes, unifies and modernizes the services, operations and flow of patients’ data.

eServices Platform

A customer focused, user friendly and ready-made eServices digitization platform based on the best in-place low-code technology to provide the easiest and most efficient way to automate end-customers’ services embracing standardized business processes, efficient service fulfillment and an easy to use customer portal.