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Solution Overview

Space Management is a tool for managing physical spaces reservations such as workstations, meeting rooms, lunch spots or parking slots. In addition it can be used to promote social distancing and possible reduction in the risk of transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19.

Key Features

Space Management allows the configuration of all companies spaces like workstations, meeting rooms, lunch spots and parking slots. Assets can be associated with each position like monitors, projectors, electrical charges, etc. Each space can be configured to be reserved by day, time period or time slot.

Space Management allows the manual or automatic reservation of spaces where one or more spaces can be reserved in a single action.

This solution provides dashboards with information about occupation and teams/departments distribution allowing the perception of unused spaces or full occupation and who is requiring more physical space.

Spaces can be determined unavailable allowing the promotion of social distancing.

Space Management is a web traditional and reactive web solution developed in OutSystems version 11.


Key Benefits

Space reservation and employee rotation:

As usually described as “hot seat” the Space Management allows the employees reservation and rotation in the different kind of company spaces (workstations, meeting rooms, lunch spots and parking slots) in a coordinated manner.

Global view of all company spaces:

Provides several dashboards with the company spaces occupation by city, building, floor and area and by space type.

Cost reduction:

Optimizes the use of physical space allowing the reduction of physical space and promoting a cost reduction.

Social Distancing:

Promotes social distancing and possible reduction in the risk of transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19

Extended with other solutions:

The Space Management can be integrated with our experience platform that provides a sensor connection and shares real time information related to each specific position occupation. This solution also shares an headcount information for a specific space like a meeting room allowing the space management to inform the facilities management that the maximum occupation for that area has been exceeded.

The Space Management can also be integrated with the asset management solution where assets can be shared between different users with or without a particular space associated, example a projector and a meeting room.

Integrated with other applications:

Can be extended for integration with other applications like a meeting room management, fleet management, canteen management, etc.

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