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NTT DATA, part of the NTT Group, is an innovative global IT and business services company headquartered in Tokyo. The company helps clients in their transformation process through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, digital and IT modernization and managed services. NTT DATA enables them, as well as society, to move confidently into the digital future. The company demonstrates its commitment to the long-term success of its customers by combining global reach with local focus to work with them in more than 50 countries around the world.



Technical IconTechnical

  • DevOps
  • Platform Setup & Maintenance
  • UX/UI Design

Industry IconIndustry

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Retail & Consumer packaged goods

Projects Delivered

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  • Government
    Pipeline Migration
    • Other use cases
    • Government
    1 Developer 2 Weeks Web Application 2023

    The customer had the need to create a pipeline to isolate applications with high availability and performance needs from others less demanding. From this requirement, there was the need to move applications from environments in one pipeline to the other. For this migration, we used a tool created by NTT DATA, called OutSync in order to assure the migratio...

  • TransportationLogistics
    Luxury European Automotive-Legislation Tracker v2
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Transportation & Logistics
    3 Developers 5 Weeks Web Application 2023

    Developed enhancements that positively impacted the usage of an existing OS app: • Improved User Experience by enabling a specific OS Data Grid visualisation (with Gantt view). • Improved app performance by removing complexity of the main building blocks. • Operational control by allowing admin users to make configuration changes without IT intervention.

  • RetailWholesale
    Mobile App to access Office and its Facilities
    • Human Resources
    • Retail & Wholesale
    4 Developers 5 Months Mobile Application 2022

    The project aimed to enhance an existing mobile app to provide access to office turnstiles, parking spaces, lockers, book rooms and office spaces. The end result was an app that streamlined the process of accessing these resources, making it easy and convenient for users. By integrating with the existing turnstile, parking spaces and locker systems, the ap...

  • EnergyUtilities
    Rewards and Loyalty Engine
    • Workflow and processes
    • Energy & Utilities
    4 Developers 18 Months Web Application 2021

    The solution allows the creation, configuration and performs the distribution of different kinds of Rewards to clients of several products and services. On top of that, the Backoffice users can also assign these offers to other distribution mechanics, based on each product or service core business, external to the Backoffice.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Space Management
    Space Management
    • All Industries | Human Resources
    Space Management is a tool for managing physical spaces reservations such as workstations, meeting rooms, lunch spots or parking slots. In addition it can be used to promote social distancing and possible reduction in the risk of transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19.
  • Integrated Sales Portal with Microsite Functionality
    Integrated Sales Portal with Microsite Functionality
    • All Industries | Content & Marketing
    This integrated sales portal provides sales and account teams with a complete view into client demos, success stories, solution approaches and technical sales collateral. Sales and account teams with no application development experience can create and publish their own custom microsites with content they want to focus on.

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