TestFramework - Factory Edition

TestFramework - Factory Edition

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Solution Overview

Test Framework is an open-source solution that offers simple management and automated execution of OutSystems Unit and API tests. Integrating with BDD Framework and Unit Testing Framework, allows automated regression tests setup, test run scheduling, execution, and reporting of run results.
The Factory Edition adds features such as code coverage.
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Key Features

If you are looking at a tool to help you structure your QA practice and monitor your Quality Assurance activities for OutSystems projects, give TestFramework a try:

  • Manage Test Suites, Cases, and Steps: Define your test scenarios for both Unit and API tests, and it executes them manually or daily at a given schedule.
  • Test execution classification: Classify your test executions as Broken or Defect to help your teams focus on fixing tests or actually fixing the wrong functionality identified by the test.
  • Introspection and execution of BDD and UTF Tests: Automatically import and run BDD or UTF Tests periodically, validating results on every run.
  • Quality overview: Monitor the evolution of your test suites, gaining a clear understanding of whether tests are not designed for maintainability or if your applications are increasingly having more quality and less regression.
  • Get daily reports in your email from scheduled test runs.
  • Integration with GhostInspector, a service for Automated User Interface Testing.
  • Analyze, track, and send/receive reports of each application's code coverage.
  • Load tests from any environment and run them in yours.
  • Track test run's history.

Key Benefits

TestFramework has proved to be useful for our clients, by decreasing their product’s time-to-market and project’s costs,  by reducing the project’s development, bug-fixing, and testing cycles.

With TestFramework, project managers can track the code coverage and get detailed and daily reports of coverage and/or failed vs passed tests.



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