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Use Low-Code to Architect Applications for Greater Business Agility and Efficiency

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The main benefit of low-code is that it enables you to rapidly and efficiently deploy new apps and systems while integrating with existing ones. If you are strapped for resources and need applications that easily connect to core systems while meeting customer and user demands, you can use this model-driven methodology to deliver modern, flexible, and omnichannel applications that run flawlessly.

Join OutSystems to learn how

  • Low-code improves efficiency, productivity, and business outcomes.
  • IT can get more done with less coding.
  • OutSystems enables you to build a future-proof architecture that delivers the agility needed for today’s business.

You’ll also see a demo of how to build an order management system with OutSystems, use REST APIs, and more.


Forsyth Alexander

Forsyth Alexander
Senior Product Evangelist

Mike Josephson

Mike Josephson
Senior Solution Architect

This webinar was broadcast during the IDN Application Architecture Virtual Summit on April 23, 2020.