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Sarawak Energy Modernizes Core Apps to Improve CX and Mobility

Innovation Awards
Winner 2021
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Sarawak Energy started using OutSystems in January 2020 to build its electricity supply customer portal "e-Customer Experience." In 2021, the company used OutSystems to start replacing Notes Domino and delivered a crucial field service mobile app. And, while upskilling its new OutSystems development team, Sarawak Energy delivered 16 apps in just 16 weeks.

  • App Modernization
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Field Service Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Extend SAP
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Apps and Portals
  • Lotus Notes Rebuild
sarawak energy award winning progress with outsystems video

Modernize Legacy Apps, Improve CX, and Enable Mobility, Without Hiring an Army of Developers

Sarawak Energy is an energy development company and a vertically integrated power utility located in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. It serves a population of nearly three million in Sarawak and more beyond its borders.

abby sie

“With OutSystems, we can address a wide variety of application modernization requirements with superior UX, speed, and governance. With a single skillset, we're delivering customer experience portals, mobile-friendly experiences for employees, and numerous core system integrations, while eliminating a legacy of siloed Notes applications."

Abby Sie Chiang Yong Enterprise and Business Applications Manager, Sarawak Energy

The company has a digital transformation roadmap that extends to 2025, and it started using OutSystems in January 2020 to build its electricity supply application portal "e-Customer Experience" ("eCX" for short).


From Customer Portal to Notes Domino Replacement

During 2020, the eCX team implemented digital self-service onboarding for contractors and consultants, electricity supply requests, and features that keep external parties updated on distribution development projects.

christina lai

“In the past, the portal was hard to customize because of the complexity of integrating with back-end systems. Since adopting OutSystems, we've seen a significant speed increase when delivering the improvements we want, and adoption from users has been very enthusiastic."

Christina Lai Senior Manager Service Excellence, Sarawak Energy

In 2021, Sarawak Energy launched a Notes Domino migration program, which will ultimately see around 280 Notes databases replaced by mobile-friendly, integrated, and more powerful OutSystems web applications.

In 2021, while upskilling a team of four OutSystems developers and two junior developer interns, the company delivered 16 new applications in the space of 16 weeks.

Why Sarawak Energy chose OutSystems:
  • Speed-up development and improve agility
  • Deliver public-facing web and mobile apps
  • Modernize legacy systems

The company is also using OutSystems to develop a new field service mobile app for meter reading. This will allow the retirement of outdated handheld devices used for this purpose.


Use of OutSystems Extends to Increasingly Strategic CX and Efficiency Improvements

Looking ahead, the company plans to grow its OutSystems development team and address increasingly strategic customer experience and efficiency improvement requirements.

sim ko sin

“OutSystems gives us the agility to modernize our customer interfaces quickly with limited in-house resources. We look forward to OutSystems further accelerating our digital transformation journey towards a modernized enterprise."

Sim Ko Sin Senior Vice President ICT, Sarawak Energy

With OutSystems, Sarawak Energy's IT team is escaping from a legacy of siloed Notes applications with more powerful applications that integrate directly with enterprise applications, including Maximo, SAP, Ariba, and Success Factors.

The company's achievements include:

  • Streamlined processes and the elimination of rekeying between disconnected systems.
  • Modernized user experience and superior mobility.
  • Improved customer experiences with modernized UX and work status transparency.
  • Digital self-service options that reduce the need for customers and business partners to visit Sarawak Energy's offices.
  • Superior application development quality, governance, and speed.

With OutSystems, Sarawak Energy now has a multipurpose application development platform and single skillset that can address numerous use cases, including CX, UX, mobility, and core system replacement and extension.