Rebuild Your Lotus Notes and Domino Applications for the 21st Century

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Replace your aging workflow, approval or planning app your employees hate to use, with engaging web and mobile experiences without the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional development tools or the not-quite-a-fit COTS solutions.

“We saw a modern application platform as a catalyst to bridge the gap between business demands and the available IT resources.”

Amarpreet Kaur

Director at Schneider Electric

“We selected OutSystems to spearhead our migration from Notes to modern cloud-based applications because it’s Cloud-native, supports mobile development, and helps us achieve high-maintainability”

Kenji Hirota

Director of Information Systems at Maeda Corporation

Lotus Notes Applications Rebuilt by Our Customers

Explore dozens of OutSystems Case Studies that show these and many more use cases.

Sales and Operations
  • Client Enquiry and Workflows
  • Sales Proposal and Negotiation Administration
  • Electronic Compliance Operations
  • Asset and Maintenance Governance
  • Manufacturing Process Oversight
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Control
Finance and Product Management
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Permit and Payment Management
  • Product Launch Administration
  • Project Management
Human Resources
  • Online Employee Directory
  • Workforce Scheduling and Administration
  • Performance and Learning Management
  • Employee Wellness

Why OutSystems

Cut the time and costs to rebuild your Notes applications

With AI assisted visual development, pre-built application components and easy re-use across applications, tackling your back log of hundreds of Notes apps becomes faster than you thought possible.

Experience enterprise grade management, governance and security

Take back control of your Notes and Domino application portfolio with a platform that provides built in governance, user and application metrics and detailed performance management.

Achieve a modern, cloud-native architecture with existing resources

Re-envision your Notes and Domino applications as modern, cloud native, microservices based solutions, without navigating the complexity of cloud development.

Re-engage employees with a modern UI and applications they will love

Build engaging web and mobile experiences, leveraging over 70 fully customizable pre-built templates and UX/UI best-practice patterns. Deliver mobile and progressive web apps that leverage device capabilities and allow secure offline access.

Lotus Notes Rebuild Success Stories

Learn how Sarawak Energy escaped Lotus Notes, leveraging existing skills to deliver mobile-friendly, integrated, and more powerful OutSystems web apps.

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Learn how Logitech replaced aging applications and improved time to market with a modern application development platform.

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Learn how the City of Shawnee was able to mobilize legacy apps, improve efficiency and better the community with OutSystems.

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