Artificial intelligence overview

OutSystems has been infusing artificial intelligence (AI) across the platform and the software development lifecycle since 2018, helping developers create better software faster and with higher quality while giving them the tools to quickly build AI-powered applications.

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AI Mentor System

The OutSystems AI Mentor System is a groundbreaking set of AI-powered mentors that augments the expertise of developers. These mentors act as experts throughout the software development lifecycle, guiding, automating, and validating the work of developers. With the AI Mentor System, developers can be more productive and produce higher quality applications, a benefit that establishes that OutSystems is a clear step ahead in the low-code industry.

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AI-based use cases

OutSystems simplifies the implementation of AI-based use cases, such as content generation, summarization, semantic search, and process automation, to name a few. While AI expertise is still important, OutSystems provides generative AI integration to help you harness its potential to the fullest. Adapting existing applications to incorporate AI functions is made easier with the OutSystems low-code platform by leveraging prebuilt components that seamlessly integrate with artificial intelligence models and by getting inspiration from industry specific use cases.

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Full-stack, generative AI-powered application development experiences

The future of AI-powered software development revolves around a closer relationship between developers and AI mentors. OutSystems envisions developers being guided by AI systems, delegating repetitive tasks to AI mentors while accelerating the development process. The Outsystems roadmap also includes a new suite of full-stack, generative AI-powered application development experiences, codenamed “Project Morpheus,”that bring together the transformative power of AI and low-code technologies to improve developers' productivity by up to 100x.

Using developers' natural language, generative AI bootstraps fully functional applications and enables developers to use a unique visual interface to make changes fast and meet new business needs in record time. Its visual model and simplicity also allows a wider talent pool to contribute to app development. This transformative capability promises to revolutionize software development.

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