Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle management and DevOps capabilities of OutSystems are at the cornerstone of our customers' success and a critical factor in sustaining large software factories as they grow—without compromising productivity.

OutSystems supports the entire application lifecycle as follows:

  • Deployment: One click deploys the user interface, database, workflows and integration components. A dependency analysis engine ensures a healthy state for all running applications: in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid.
  • Operations and analytics: All apps are automatically monitored, and easy-to-use analytical dashboards are provided to guide the team to the most critical issues. Troubleshooting a problem is done in a matter of seconds.
  • Management: Configuration management of running applications and identity management are also handled by OutSystems.

This combination simplifies the deployment of a complex app to production without the need for scripting or manual tasks. It enables application factories to benefit from the continuous delivery that ultimately fosters the productive collaboration between the business and IT.