The Power of Low-Code on Kubernetes

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Cloud-native computing extends the core scalability, elasticity, and rapid development benefits of the cloud to all of IT. At the core of this movement are containers and Kubernetes, which is the container orchestration platform of choice for most enterprises today.

Kubernetes, however, is extraordinarily complex. Organizations that deploy it find they must dedicate significant resources to configure and run it properly.

How can organizations successfully take advantage of the power of Kubernetes without adding additional effort and resources to configure and manage it? Access this technical whitepaper written by Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx to find out:

  • What cloud-native computing is and isn’t
  • How cloud-native computing affects application development
  • The benefits of cloud-native low-code
  • How OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC), a cloud-based, cloud-native low-code platform, brings the simplicity and productivity benefits of low-code to the world of cloud-native scalability and rapid software deployment