What’s the Real Business Impact of
Low-Code Application Development?

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3 Case Studies for Quantifying the ROI of Low-Code Development

Let’s get to the facts: you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that by cutting your app development in half, you win the bandwidth you need to innovate and go to market faster. That’s why, from Forrester to Gartner, experts are looking into low-code application development platforms as an accelerator of digital transformation. But what’s the real ROI of those platforms?

In three insightful case studies, Nucleus Research explores how three different companies selected, deployed, and adopted OutSystems, along with the outcomes.

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  • Eneco Group used OutSystems to enhance its customers’ digital experience with an average annual benefit of €3,429,563.
  • Ricoh Singapore Pte Lda tripled the speed of developing critical business applications and achieved payback in just 6 months.
  • Worcestershire Council incorporated OutSystems as a part of its strategy to reduce costs and saw an ROI of 442%.