Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation Q1 2017

The Latest Trends from a Survey of 21,200+ Developers

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Here’s an interesting fact. Although JavaScript is the most widely used technology for the back-end, 10% of back-end developers say they use a low-code tool. Another interesting fact: 52% of developers have less than 7 years of experience and 78% of all developers are always interested in new job opportunities.

Having hard data about developers can make the difference between you and your competitors. You can build the right teams, address skills gaps and have the right tools based on facts, not intuition.

The Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation Q1 2017 report from Vision Mobile analyzes the answers from 21,000 developers worldwide who took their developer survey in December 2016. In it, you’ll find data and insights about:

  • Developer salaries around the world
  • Which languages are most popular for virtual reality, machine learning, IoT and much more
  • Which mobile platforms developers prefer
  • Where cloud fits in the developer world

To get all the details, download the report.