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  • TechTarget
    Three enterprise mobile app success stories

    "What do a vineyard manager, a college student and a truck driver have in common? Each user takes advantage of a task-specific enterprise mobile app to make their job more efficient."

    09 3 2016

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  • Forbes
    The Best Cloud Computing Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2016

    Which companies would employees most recommend to their friends looking for a cloud computing company to work for in 2016? Hint: OutSystems ranks among the top.

    04 2 2016

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  • TechCrunch
    OutSystems Raises $55M For Its Rapid Application Delivery Platform

    OutSystems, an Atlanta-based service that helps enterprises quickly build line-of-business apps, today announced that it has raised a $55 million funding round led by North Bridge Growth Equity.

    02 2 2016

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  • SD Times
    Low-code solutions: Empowering businesspeople to make their own applications

    "As organizations seek faster time-to-market releases of the software necessary to stay ahead of the competition, new solutions that enable the business to create applications without the need for IT to get involved are starting to emerge."

    28 10 2015

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  • SD Times
    Guest View: Bimodal IT supports new requirements for agile app development

    "For years IT organizations have been criticized for being too slow, too restrictive and unresponsive to the business. Analysts and vendors have pushed IT to transform itself as a whole, and encouraged the adoption of technologies that enable agility(...)"

    08 7 2015

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  • ADT Mag
    Research: Cloud Platforms Cater to Three Developer Types

    "Are you a strict code-writing machine, a DevOps programmer who needs to fool around with a lot of configuration management or a point-and-click "developer" just wanting to get quality apps out as quickly as possible via a GUI interface?"

    18 3 2015

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  • Diginomica
    Welcome on board - Mercy Ships finds faster way for HR to onboard volunteers

    "The operator of the world’s largest civilian hospital ship has developed a custom web app to recruit the medics, ship’s crew and others needed to deliver healthcare to patients in the developing world."

    18 3 2015

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  • Insurance Times
    AXA unveils new claims tracking tool for brokers

    "Portal will enable brokers to view claims progress round the clock."

    17 3 2015

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  • SD Times
    Guest View: Are you delivering an app du jour or an app for the ages?

    "RAD. MADP. RMAD. aPaaS. Everyday it seems that analysts are defining yet another category of products. This makes sense because it is how the industry is used to tackling something “new” (cloud platforms, mobile devices, wearables, etc.)."

    27 1 2015

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