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  • ZDNet
    Enterprises: We need more mobile app developers

    "A survey of IT managers finds that half report backlogs of at least 10 mobile apps."

    28 10 2014

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  • ADT Mag
    Survey Shows Firms Confounded by Lack of Mobile App Developers

    "Enterprise developers are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for mobile apps in the new "mobile-first" era, according to a new survey."

    24 10 2014

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  • TMCnet
    Cloud Expo 2014 Interview with OutSystems

    Erik Linask, Editorial Director at TMC, catches OutSystems own David Holmes at Cloud Expo 2014 to discuss how enterprises are moving to the cloud to rapidly build and deploy mobile and web applications.

    10 10 2014

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  • ZDNet
    Unraveling the confusion about PaaS

    Platform as Service is many things to many people - and will remain in a hazy place for some time to come.

    28 9 2014

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  • Programmable Web
    OutSytems Upgrade Simplifies Mobile Application Development and Deployment

    "...developers working from a single code base can deploy applications on a variety of mobile computing platforms without having to sacrifice any native functionality."

    25 9 2014

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  • One Million by One Million
    Building a Global Enterprise Software Company from Portugal

    "We’ve looked at a few case studies of European companies successfully turning themselves into global ones. SDL, Mendix, and Sitecore are just a few examples. In that select club, OutSystems is a key player."

    17 9 2014

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  • CMO
    How PaaS is helping Volkswagen to deliver customer leads on mobile

    "OutSystems provides the platform that enabled the rapid deployment and release of a new application to distribute leads to dealers."

    28 8 2014

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  • CIO Asia
    OutSystems - A platform whose time has come

    "Mobility and cloud are other factors that are playing a role in the success of OutSystems"- Paulo Rosado's interview to CIO Asia.

    20 8 2014

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  • Computing
    PaaS bucks up Mobile App Development

    Scott Darrow, global CTO and CIO of ADEC Group, discusses how his company successfully changed their entire approach to developing and delivering applications with OutSystems. “I don’t know what they’re drinking over there, but it’s a breath of fresh air.”

    04 7 2014

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