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Low-code Predictions: On the Right Side of the Digital Tipping Point?

Three converging themes around low-code application development are creating a digital tipping point in the market.  In May, OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado wrote about this convergence. There have been lots of new developments since that blog post. So, I decided to re-examine the themes to see how they are holding up and predict how they will hold up in


Quantifying the ROI of Low-Code Platforms: Is it too good to be true?

There’s a lot of talk today about low-code platforms, and the role they play in unlocking digital transformation through rapid application development. At OutSystems, we have seen first-hand the benefits low-code application development brings to our customers in terms of speed, time-to-market, and competitive advantage. And although these benefits are exciting, we wanted to quantify the real impact faster development times have in terms of cost, benefits, payback, and real return on investment (ROI).

So, a few months ago we set out to find a third party to conduct ROI research with real customers. Our goal was to provide unbiased and completely objective reports on the quantitative benefits of OutSystems. Boston-based Nucleus Research has published more ROI case studies than any other technology research firm. They conduct in-depth assessments of actual deployments to quantify the value a customer received and to tell the story of how they selected, deployed, and adopted a solution. So they were the obvious choice for this project. (more…)