CredAbility Helps Customers Improve Financial Wellbeing with OutSystems

London -  05 November 2020

High-speed development platform delivers web and mobile apps to offer consumers insight into key financial information

Specialist online financial wellbeing service CredAbility has announced the release of its mobile apps, developed using the OutSystems application platform. The UK start-up helps hundreds of thousands of customers gain a better understanding of their finances by demystifying financial affairs and providing easy access to critical information like credit scores and loan eligibility.

The ability to evolve rapidly and deliver new services and capabilities to customers was key to CredAbility differentiating itself in the very competitive financial wellbeing market. With only a small IT team of seven, CredAbility needed to avoid duplicating development effort – despite the need to deploy web, iOS and Android applications – and chose the OutSystems application development platform, as it offered the ability to build and launch new products in a short timeframe.

“We wanted to move fast and work in an iterative and agile way to launch our product as quickly as possible, and OutSystems helped us achieve that,” said Nikolaos Charalampous, Head of Product, CredAbility. “In addition, it’s made it easier for us to deliver the services that enable CredAbility to stand out in a crowded marketplace, including incorporating other products, for example from lenders or energy companies, and create a seamless digital experience for our customers.“

In addition to being able to develop for different platforms simultaneously, the fast pace of development was helped by taking advantage of the library of pre-built components in the OutSystems Forge repository. These helped CredAbility integrate data into its data warehouse for analysis and facilitated a more personalised customer experience, for example selecting a custom app icon. The team estimates that it would have taken at least 33 percent longer to develop the web app using traditional methods, compared to using OutSystems.

“Our development platform gave CredAbility the speed to launch new products in a short timeframe, and then quickly and easily evolve them as its customers’ needs changed,” said Willem van Enter, Vice President EMEA, OutSystems. “We are thrilled with the advantages CredAbility realized with the OutSystems platform. This is another great example of our mission to help customers build applications fast, right, and for the future.”

CredAbility is continually updating its apps based on customer feedback, which, from reviews by some of its hundreds of thousands of users, has given it an average rating of 4.7/5 on Google Business. However, it is also planning to provide something different, in the form of ‘CredaBots’ - new and fast-evolving chatbots that will help users create individual action plans to achieve goals like improving their credit score or getting on the property ladder.

About CredAbility

At CredAbility we believe that your money should work for, well, you! Our hundreds of thousands of customers have free access to their full Equifax credit score and report, a Deals marketplace to find better deals on loans, credit cards and more, and in-depth, personalised insights courtesy of the CredaBots, that help them decode the detail and pave the way to a dazzling financial future. Welcome to the world beyond your credit score! Find us at or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @credabilityuk

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