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Use OutSystems Platform to manage drug development and experiments with online applications for ingredient tracking, real-time lab monitoring, project management, client portals, and shipment. Have your applications integrated with existing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and ensure regulatory compliance (REACH, FDA, HIPAA, SOX...) Offer intelligence to drive your sales and help patients and prescribers in getting information about therapy and services.
Pharma and Biotech References

Drug Development

Clinical Trial Management

Manage and maintain the workflow and processes around clinical trial including reporting, planning, performance, and preparation. Track deadlines and milestones, issue progress reports and track participants. Maintain information for regulatory approval.

Research Colony Management

Provide project management, technician workflow, and client portal along with online and real-time lab monitoring for clients and technicians.
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Blood Sample Record Validation

Capture log and shipment information for blood samples and perform consistency checks against Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Blood Samples Shipment Workflow

Log clinical trial samples shipment information and perform validation and consistency checks against LIMS. 
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Research Project Management

Enter, track and manage projects and experiments. Get project and team reports and create a central information repository.

Research and Development Dashboard

Allow R&D and executive teams to review, rate, collaborate and make decisions on research opportunities being investigated.
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REACH Compliance

Create a workflow for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) European regulation.

Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

Allows users to classify, create, review, submit, and maintain pharmacovigilance data and adverse event reports.


OutSystems easily allows our internal IT staff to continually update and make changes to our applications. This helps us really stay ahead of the curve and puts us in a position to always be ahead of the game.


Matt Bouchard, Charles River - Sr. Manager Business Operations

Human Resources

Performance Appraisals

Make it easy to provide ongoing feedback, manage goals, talent development, onboarding, and performance evaluations. Read case study

Employee Onboarding

Automate processes for onboarding new staff. See Employee Onboarding App

Project Time Tracking

Offers full control over ongoing and new projects (evaluation, planning and forecast.) Includes costs and effort analytics.

Business Support

Sourcing and Supplier Management

Supports the procure-to-pay process including RFQ workflow, orders, deliveries, and invoices.

Business Performance Dashboard

Executive dashboard can track KPIs for all business units like PharmOps, Sales, Clinical, and Corporate.

PharmOps Vendor Portal

Centralized repository for file exchange and review of batch records between PharmOps and external vendors.

Greenhouse Automation

Keep track of all the plants, provide label printing and plant care template creation for experimental procedures.

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