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We’ve entered a new business reality, one in which digital transformation has moved from being a choice to being a need in all industries and company sizes. And, in this new universe, enhancing the experience of employees has become a vital step as they play a key role in the digitalization of any company. But, the path to delivering apps that employees want to use for self-service has not been easy.

Employee self-service apps must connect to multiple back-ends to be functional. However, as most CIOs agree, companies shouldn’t expect employees to be back-end savvy to access various internal services. The solution is simple: a unified experience that enables employees to connect to several back-ends from different devices and platforms.

Creating a Unified Experience

Here are the components for a unified employee experience.

Delivering a Great UI/UX

Studies have shown that great user interfaces and experiences increase productivity. Why? Because when the experience of using internal applications becomes easy, unproductive hours become productive.

With the OutSystems low-code platform, you can build an effective UI/UX incredibly fast. In fact, to quote one of our clients: “I could finish my subordinate’s ESS request approvals while having coffee. And that only happened because of the new app.”

Connecting With the Back-End

When you have connectors and adapters for almost every back-end app, why should you waste your time building apps for each and every back-end system? OutSystems integrates with pretty much everything, so with this platform, you can build a mobile app or a web app that connects to ERPs, portals, time-and-attendance systems, media, content, and Salesforce, all while increasing your employees’ productivity.

Connecting with Oracle EBS

ET Core is a standards-based adapter that integrates with the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and implements bi-directional connectivity. With ET Core, it takes just a few days to create your branded custom app that connects to the ERP system, integrating and transforming services seamlessly.

The built-in connectors are customizable, flexible, faster, efficient, and effective. They are available for various modules and, with minimal effort, can be used for any of the other modules. With ET Core and OutSystems, you’re able to decrease the time from the prototyping to go-live dramatically.

Enterprise Touch with OutSystems

Way Forward

With the pressure to increase employee productivity, digital transformation plays a key role.

In that journey, low-code can help you be much faster and stable.

Together, OutSystems and Enterprise Touch help organizations achieve their digital transformation milestones for internal and external stakeholders.

Enterprise Touch leverages proven methodologies and a flexible delivery model to enable clients to create customized solutions for their unique business processes requirements and realize a higher return on their investment. Making use of the latest tools and techniques, widespread experience in software engineering and project management, diversified knowledge in design and development ET brings effective and powerful IT solutions for clients.