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Digital Tipping Point – Why You Should Care About the Latest News from Forrester, Gartner, and SIIA (CODiE Awards)

We’ve reached a digital tipping point. Last week, the 2016 CODiE Awards were announced. Of course we’re thrilled to win the Best Mobile Development Solution award, because it recognizes the craftsmanship of our hundreds of engineers as well as the innovative customers who have inspired us. Who doesn’t like a nice trophy?But there’s something much bigger brewing. The CODiEs, the latest Forrester Wave on low-code development platforms, and the upcoming Gartner research on mobile development platforms are all pointing to one big thing.
OutSystems named a top cloud computing company to work for

We’re Proud – Forbes 2016 Top Cloud Companies to Work For

One of the great perks of this job is having our customers tell me how much they like our product and services. It's an amazing feeling. Knowing that our people recommend OutSystems as a top place to work gives me no lesser feeling. OutSystems is such a unique place to work because of the smart and innovative people who’ve made it their home.

Six Guiding Principles

Recently, I had the honor of delivering the graduation speech for the graduates of The Lisbon MBA program. I consider these ceremonies important celebratory life events so I wanted to come up with something that was truthful, inspiring, and grounded on facts. (more…)

The pride in beautiful craftsmanship

book-re-toolI have always been in awe of the Japanese. This stems from an admiration of their aesthetics – reflected in their objects, their pottery, food, gardens – and the amazing quality of their manufactured goods.

But what I admire most is their relentless pursuit of perfection. This is illustrated, go figure, in a quote from Tom Cruise’s movie, The Last Samurai:

…from the moment they wake they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue…(more…)

A Cloud Platform before its time

In 2001, the group of founders got together and added the last details to the OutSystems business plan. We wanted to solve a big problem: fix the IT productivity issue of delivering large Intranet (browser-based internal apps) and Extranet (customer and partner portals and APIs) systems. These projects were plagued with failure, delays and were constantly over budget. We also wanted to ride the one trend we knew would revolutionize enterprise IT: software systems running on hardware hosted outside the enterprise data center. In March 2001, OutSystems was born.


Evolutionary Maintenance Increases Evergreen Application ROI Part 2

Evergreen applications are business applications that continue to evolve as the business changes and so provide constant value, year after year. At OutSystems virtually any solution that is deployed using Agile methods is required to stay evergreen and subject to a continuous Agile Evolutionary Maintenance process. Part 1 of this article explored the main phases of the Agile Evolutionary Maintenance process and defined the three key project types that are most common.

In Part 2, I will shift my attention to defining the different types of backlog items that typically make up an evolutionary maintenance sprint. In addition, I will define some key technology challenges you must overcome in order to deliver on the promise of evergreen applications. Finally, I will describe how OutSystems can help in this process. (more…)

Evolutionary Maintenance Increases Evergreen Application ROI

Evergreen applications are business applications that continue to evolve as the business changes and therefore provide constant value year after year. (more…)

The Tuning Sprint – Driving Application Adoption Using Agile Methods

With over 500 successful Agile projects under our belt, one of the key learning points we want to share in this edition of About Agility is the concept of the ‘Tuning Sprint’.

Over the last several years we have used this concept and found that it dramatically drives end-user adoption of the delivered application.
However, there are some fundamental challenges that we will discuss in this article so that you too can be successful.


Handle Extreme Change in Enterprise Applications

What happens when your application software change cycle time shrinks from months to hours or days? Over the past four years, we have overseen the deployment of hundreds of Web business applications all following agile methods. During the course of these projects, we have faced many challenges and found some surprising benefits.

This article describes some of the lessons we have learned and provides advice on how you might overcome some key challenges in your own agile projects. (more…)