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Gordon Cooper, Morgan Freeman and Magic: The Story of Our Mascot

A goal of NASA’s Mercury program was to determine the effects of space travel on the human body. And Gordon Cooper was among the last of Mercury’s human-sized guinea pigs. Gordon’s only responsibility on his flight was to sit tight and experience the marvels of space, thanks to Mercury’s automatic controls and preset flight path.
enterprise app hate featured

Avoiding Enterprise App Hate With Speed, Agility and…Marketing?

Think enterprise app hate squared. The prevailing attitude in development circles is that marketing is an unnecessary evil that plagues the rest of an organization. Developers, engineers, R&D mostly see it as a useless discipline full of silver-tongued (or fingered)…


enterprise app UX

Enterprise App UX Is Not Neuroscience–or Is It? An Interview with Menno Cramer

So many aspects of enterprise software are just not likable. Take enterprise app UX, for example. Rarely is it intuitive or even well-designed. The reason for that lies mostly in centuries of human experience. Until the past few decades, physical experiences primarily consumed our waking lives. True, religion and philosophy afforded opportunities to inhabit a world outside the here and now. But as a species our senses and brains developed to navigate and interact with a reality built from the tangible.

Now, our leisure and work time involve so many digital experiences. So, how do we build software that works with brains evolved for physical interactions?

Menno Cramer is Global UX/UI Lead and he came to user experience via a somewhat unusual path. Menno is a neuroscientist by training and his PhD research focused on the connection between the built environment and human behavior. (more…)

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Adaptive Mobile Patterns: The Silk Route to Apps for Phone and Tablet

The world has been witnessing an increasing number of device types and screen sizes. And, this is not going to change any time soon. So, creating impeccable responsive user interfaces that properly fit and adapt to those devices is becoming one of the biggest challenges of mobile development. Add the need for a single codebase for the large variety of devices, and you can see the problem—one that will not get any better in the future. (more…)

rapid application development featured

What Is Rapid Application Development?

Conceived in the 1980s, rapid application development, or RAD, was the first development methodology to challenge traditional waterfall development practices. Though often mistaken for a specific model, rapid application development is the idea that we benefit by treating our software projects like clay, rather than steel.

Software is a unique engineering structure because it is transient. With traditional engineering projects like bridge construction, engineers cannot begin to build a bridge then change their minds half way through the process—that’s pure chaos. But a bridge built in software? Engineers can change that every day. RAD takes advantage of this by emphasizing rapid prototyping over costly planning. (more…)

What Do Low-Code and Web Content Management Have in Common?

What’s the relationship between low-code and web content management? Let’s take a look.

In the early days of the web, people built websites by hand. Each page on a blog site, for example, was a hand-crafted text file made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Every new page meant starting from scratch. That’s right: code, copy, paste, repeat. (more…)

input mask featured

JavaScript Events Unmasked: How to Create an Input Mask for Mobile

Imagine this: there you are, minding your own business, coding your time away. And then someone walks in and asks you to build an input mask for mobile applications using pure JavaScript (no external libraries!).

And you’re thinking that building an input mask is not that hard. All you need to do is create a bunch of functions to validate the key using keyboard events and cancel the event when the key is not allowed. How hard can it be?

Famous last words. (more…)

what is visual programming

What Is Visual Programming?

Just what is visual programming? It’s interesting that not many leading programming sources have tried to answer that question. In fact, a colleague of mine complained that when she actually asked Google, “what is visual programming,” she didn’t get a straight answer. To me, that seemed odd, so here is my attempt to right that wrong.  (more…)

JIRA Integration: Connecting OutSystems App Feedback With This Project Management Tool

Collecting user feedback regularly is an important part of the app development process. After all, users will inform your next decision, and having their feedback can seriously impact the direction of your project. Recently, I blogged about how teams can use…


OutSystems NextStep featured

Why Should You Go to NextStep? Let’s Ask People You Can Trust

Do you remember going to Blockbuster and renting Titanic in VHS just to make sure that Jack really had to die? Or renting Super Mario to save that runaway princess over and over again? Though you might have wonderful memories of this once ubiquitous chain store, truth is we’re all very happy with the comfort Redbox and Netflix brought to our lives. Today, in this era of disruption, digital transformation is the key for a business to survive.