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CSS Vertical Align for Everyone (Dummies Included)

Getting content correctly aligned, pretty and basically awesome isn't an easy chore in CSS. So, if you've been struggling with CSS vertical align, you've come to the right blog. Alex Santos, Esquire, Master of CSS, is at your service. I'm going to walk you through this.

Ghost in the Machine Learning: Recommender Systems

When you’re browsing sites like Netflix or Amazon, you get recommendations on what to watch or buy next. This is actually a big deal, and companies offer huge prizes to make these algorithms better. One way to make these predictions is through the use of recommender systems.
mobile app dev trends

Top 3 Mobile App Dev Trends for 2017

In the last days of 2016, conversations are turning to what will be big in 2017 in the world of mobile app development, I thought I’d follow a tradition I started in 2012 and make my predictions about mobile app development for 2017. Here are my top 3.
win hackathons

Winning a Hackathon With OutSystems 10 (and Without Going Berserk)

Some OutSystems developers saw a bigger opportunity in a recent hackathon: to test the limits of OutSystems 10. Vision, teamwork and low-code development led to a big win.

10 Rules for Creating a Mobile Look and Feel

Mobile is all the rage these days. Having a world of knowledge in our pockets has become a commodity, and we’ve grown accustomed to certain standards. Developers need to understand how to meet the lofty expectations of a world where something like 60 frames per second can be the difference between a huge success or a major disaster.

How can you go about creating apps that meet those higher-than-ever expectations?


LED Ceiling

How to Fill a Gaping Hole with 2,304 LEDs

I woke that morning feeling like I do every morning, groggy and desperate for coffee. I descended the staircase from my bedroom to escape the unforgiving morning light. To my bewilderment, a second barrage of relentless sunbeams hit me in the face. My living room ceiling had caved in. (more…)


I Was Wrong About Offline

In the last few years, we (the engineers for a visual programming platform for creating enterprise apps) started receiving requests for our platform to enable the development of mobile apps that work offline.

I believed it was a fad and tried to convince everyone around me of that. Luckily, smarter people questioned my beliefs and led our product in the right direction. (more…)

mobile app dev on cloud

Our Silver Lining: Building Mobile Apps Using Amazon Web Services

Eventually the day will come when you’ll have to deliver some sort of mobile application. On that day (and during the months that follow) you could end up swearing a lot while you deal with whole new IDEs, APIs, programming languages, known issues and a myriad of other annoying things related to mobile development. Or, you could relax and enjoy a ride on Amazon Web Services. We think that's a better option. At OutSystems, we aim to make life simpler to our customers. So we set out on a journey to make building mobile applications easy for everyone.

Designers vs. Developers: 5 Tips to Give Peace a Chance

UX Design

Last May, OutSystems announced a Revolution. Right before we kicked off NextStep 2016 in Lisbon, where that presentation took place, we had an event called Developers Morning at the OutSystems offices.

During that event, we had a couple of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, where developers asked many questions about Silk UI, our front-end framework for creating beautiful designs with the least possible effort, and how they could enable designers to use it to its full potential. (more…)


OutSystems Rock Stars: The MVP Program

Developers and others who are passionate about OutSystems Platform—and infuse this passion in all they do—matter to us. To show our appreciation, on May 2, 2016, at the Developers Morning event in Lisbon, an awesome group of people became OutSystems MVPs.

We could list a few of them here, but that wouldn’t be fair to the others because they’re all so amazing. You can get to know them on their very own MVP web page. (more…)