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OutSystems NextStep featured

Why Should You Go to NextStep? Let’s Ask People You Can Trust

Do you remember going to Blockbuster and renting Titanic in VHS just to make sure that Jack really had to die? Or renting Super Mario to save that runaway princess over and over again? Though you might have wonderful memories of this once ubiquitous chain store, truth is we’re all very happy with the comfort Redbox and Netflix brought to our lives. Today, in this era of disruption, digital transformation is the key for a business to survive.
enterprise app social

The Reasons Why GitHub Engineers Built an Enterprise App Nobody Hates

Depending on your definition, GitHub is arguably an enterprise app company. Think about it: millions of users, thousands of companies whose businesses depend on the software and an expanding complex problem space. Oh, and they have a product called GitHub Enterprise.

Most people would agree, though, that GitHub’s enterprise app is far removed from the traditional view of enterprise software. So, what sets them apart from the companies who build the enterprise software that everybody hates? (more…)

development risk featured

This Is How OutSystems Decreases Development Risk

By omitting features, OutSystems decreases development risk. Yes, you read that right. To excise risk from the app delivery process, OutSystems, by design, has carefully excised parts of the development tool ecosystem. I’m going to tell you how that works.  (more…)

asana app feedback featured

Forge Ahead with OutSystems and Asana Integration: How to Use App Feedback for Easy Project Management

Meet the OutSystems App Feedback feature. Specifically called out in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms 2017, this feature makes it possible for users to let you know, directly from the app, what they think or what’s causing them problems. So, let's take a look at how you can integrate App Feedback with Asana using Forge components.
user adoption featured

For All My Life I’ll Feel It: Lack of Empathy Kills User Adoption

Your software or app is brilliant. Everyone on your team says so. Management is over the moon. Months later, it’s basically an icon or tile sitting on a screen, ignored and idle. Users have rejected it and are either using something else or suffering in silence. What happened?
software qa testing featured

Software QA Testing: 9 Essential Principles

Software QA testing is an engineering process. It focuses on measuring the quality of a system and making sure the application will meet end-user expectations. As such, it is an essential activity because the processes of developing and maintaining software…


Agile vs frAgile: Handle Your Scrum with Care

Agile has became the reference approach for modern product development in the last few decades. However, we still see a lot of misinterpretation and abuse of its core values. This is so common that there is a name for it. The experienced Agile community likes to call this unwanted byproduct frAgile. If you don’t handle it with care, it is sure to shatter your product. With this in mind, I’m going to walk you through a few examples of how Agile can indeed become frail, and how all of them are inevitably linked to frAgile anti-patterns.
an app for that featured

There Isn’t Always an App for That

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an app only to stumble upon a reddit post where someone shares an idea similar to yours? Then, as if that weren't bad enough, the most popular comment is from someone else saying "There's an app for that"? If this sounds familiar, let me tell you a secret (spoiler alert!). There isn't always an app for that.
component checklist featured

The Consummate Component Checklist for Developers

Components are one of the most important aspects of modern visual programming platforms, which enable reusability of code and repositories of component libraries. Here's a handy development checklist that guides you through the process and helps you ensure you don’t forget something important.
Alexa endpoint featured

The Alexa Project, Part 2: Get Visual and Get An Alexa Endpoint in Just 5 Minutes

Hello, ladies and gentlemen... I’m back and ready to show how to apply rapid visual development to code crafting for an Alexa endpoint. I’m not only going to share how you can visually develop an Alexa endpoint, but I'm also going to demonstrate that it can be done in just 5 minutes.