Aligning IT With Business Enables New Growth Opportunities

With the OutSystems platform in place, USG&E developers were able to react swiftly to changing business needs. Being able to migrate away from the original application to something very quickly showed them the possibilities of being able to phase out old systems and move into something more robust. They integrated the platform seamlessly with existing applications and legacy systems in order to begin developing solutions. From the beginning, they were able to see the benefit of maintaining software integrity from UI design to the very end of the application lifecycle. USG&E developers were able to then respond quickly to a needed data migration by adding a GUI layer to their new database.

“OutSystems biggest value for us is the increase in productivity for our programmers. We can do things faster, and my developers can now focus on delivering applications and not programming in multiple languages.”
Hector Perdomo, Director of Programming

The Challenge

U.S. Gas & Electric is a leading provider of energy to commercial and residential customers across the States. It is recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America within the energy industry. They approached OutSystems because they needed to complete development of back-office support for a new sales product in a short amount of time and the project had fallen behind schedule using traditional “waterfall” project management practices. It was quickly realized that OutSystems would also allow them to complete other projects previously considered not worth the cost of remediating, such as replacing an inherited MS Access legacy application developed by an outside business expert.

Their IT department faced a challenge commonplace for any long-lived, successful business – legacy systems introduced through business units developing or purchasing their own applications without the input or knowledge of IT – a problem commonly referred to as "Shadow IT". The IT department at USG&E recognized that by modernizing their systems, they could rapidly enter new markets.

Why OutSystems?

USG&E tried other tools, but did not find them as quick, flexible or able to offer assistance beyond development.

  • IT Department more responsive to the business
  • Rapid entry into new markets
  • Reduction of “Shadow IT” in the company
  • Increase in IT productivity
  • Flexibility to change after deployment

The Solution

USG&E tried other tools, but did not find them as quick, flexible or able to offer assistance beyond development. One of the immediate benefits realized after implementing OutSystems was the increase in productivity and the ease of deployment. Requests now come in all the time due to the rapid growth of the business, and the IT department is able to be responsive to those changes.

It is traditionally hard for business teams to communicate what they want, and shortening the cycle from the initial business request, to design, prototype, redesign – all the way through to delivery was a huge benefit for USG&E. Eliminating the delays during the communication and turnaround process has made IT more aligned with the business. The applications they are developing with the OutSystems platform are opening up entirely new aspects of sales to support new product offerings, allowing them to be more competitive in the market.

  • 6 projects built and maintained "in-house"
  • 200 end users supporting 200k customers
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