Technical debt is estimated to cost businesses $5 trillion in the next 10 years.

The missed opportunity is even greater.

Technical debt is the coding you have to do tomorrow because someone took shortcuts to release it today — and right now, it’s costing $6k a second. That’s money spent rewriting and maintaining code that was written with a short-term mindset. It’s $500M+ a day that could be spent on innovation, on new ideas, on letting your devs seize opportunities before your competitors can.

Get out of tech debt and on with your future.

Try our platform to future-proof your business.

The Culprits


Time Pressure

Development teams often release applications that aren't full-featured or that don’t have key capabilities because of pressure to deliver on an accelerated timeline. A few teams even shortchange performance and quality to get to market quicker.

Constant Change

Even full-featured applications completed on time may arrive in the marketplace already out of date. Ever-increasing customer expectations, the rise of new market opportunities and threats as well as developer turnover creates ongoing challenges for IT leaders. 


Outdated Technology

Developing modern applications typically involves a number of different coding languages, developer frameworks and libraries, which can become outdated or not supported each year. What you choose today could be outmoded tomorrow.

But You Can Get Out of Technical Debt

Our modern application platform lets you adapt, evolve and improve your apps as and when your business needs them. Build fast, but also build for the future without the worry of tech debt.

Build it Fast

A visual, model-driven development environment with industry-leading AI-based assistance ensures apps are built in days or weeks instead of months or years.

Build it Right

Integrated tools and automation services that ensure modern, enterprise-grade, cloud-native applications are secure, resilient, manageable, and built to scale.

Build it for Change

An AI-powered automation layer ensures nothing breaks when you make a change. Your apps run seamlessly without rewriting when new technology comes along.

Get out of tech debt and on with your future.

Try our platform to future-proof your business.

Our Platform Combats Tech Debt in 4 Core Areas

Customer Experience

To offer a truly differentiated customer experience, your apps need to be loaded with features at every touchpoint. Instead of expecting devs to unscramble years of complex code to add chatbots and AI, give them what they need to build fast and modify faster.

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Workplace Innovation

Trying to update unintuitive systems, digitize paper-based processes, and package them up in a single application can really rack up the technical debt. Make it easier for devs to build and update a unified employee experience to keep your staff engaged and attract new talent without going into tech debt.

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Process Automation

Rigid processes built around siloed departments are not conducive to creating and adding to applications that people in the field can use to serve customers effectively. Set your devs up for this constantly changing landscape with a platform for building flexible workflows efficiently.

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System Modernization

Legacy systems that don’t perform like they once did and that are difficult to update and maintain are preventing business growth. Modernize these systems with technology built for change without facing tech debt in the future.

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Customers Triumphing Over Tech Debt

Learn More About Tech Debt

Diagnose and Manage Technical Debt

Effectively manage technical debt during every stage of development. Visualize complex cross-portfolio architectures and identify problems while also helping developers follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls.

Avoid Technical Debt for Continuous Agility

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Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It)

Change requires innovation, and even fast moving companies can fall behind on getting innovative ideas to market, software can help solve the problem.

Mazda Powers Legacy Migration with OutSystems to Save Millions

Mazda had 500 legacy systems to migrate at an anticipated redevelopment cost of $97M. Now working 4x faster with OutSystems Mazda expects to save millions.

NES Financial Solves Scalability Challenges With OutSystems

With OutSystems, NES Financial added 50 percent more functionality to their eSTAC platform, replaced several legacy spreadsheets with a new solution that simplifies data entry on the front-end, and significantly improved back-end tracking and reporting processes.

Playbook: Governing Cross-Functional App Development

Learn how to stop tech debt before it starts by involving all stakeholders in your app dev and governing their work.

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