Evolution of the Digital Enterprise Beyond RPA

GCCs Unlocking Value With Hyper Intelligent Automation

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Over the last decade, enterprises have realized the value of digital technologies and have been chasing the goal of achieving “True Digitalization.” The 1400+ Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India are considered the powerhouses helping enterprises on this journey. To be able to fulfill organizational goals, GCCs will have to adopt a more holistic approach to technology adoption, and more specifically for automation which is one of the fundamental pillars of digital transformation.

In essence, Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) is playing a pivotal role, helping companies move away from a siloed RPA-only approach. It is enabling the transformation program of organizations with additional technology building blocks, especially Low Code, among others to help achieve the goal of becoming a “True Digital Enterprise.”

This whitepaper — Evolution of the Digital Enterprise Beyond RPA: GCCs Unlocking Value with Hyper Intelligent Automation, comprises 5 sections aligned to the following themes:

  • GCCs – The Strategic Powerhouse of Enterprises
  • The Hyper Intelligent Automation Revolution
  • Low Code/No Code – An Emerging Catalyst for GCCs
  • GCCs Riding the Low Code/No Code Wave
  • Creating a Digital Enterprise – A Low Code/No Code Playbook

Organizations that desire to expedite their digital transformation goals, build a solid and sustainable business foundation, may leverage this whitepaper to achieve long-term success.