Intelligent Automation for Better Process Automation

Humanizing AI and RPA

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Intelligent Automation is not about replacing people. It’s about taking uniquely human strengths—like intuition and judgment—and combining them with intelligent tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver superior organizational outcomes.

Humanizing artificial intelligence is what makes intelligent automation (IA) efforts better. The OutSystems low-code people-first solution helps you do this with pre-built UX/UI components that improve how people interact with software applications.

Download the free eBook: Intelligent Automation: Humanize AI and RPA for better process automation today and learn:

  • The importance of a people-first mindset when using AI and RPA
  • How to take an end-to-end approach across an entire organization
  • That rapidly iterating in small steps can make complex projects more simple