The Business Case for Low-Code Development Platforms

An IDC Research

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Are your software methodologies able to keep pace with the new market realities?

Changing market conditions always bring new opportunities to relook at business and operating models. Digital innovation has always been the key to staying relevant and ahead of the pack, but organisations are often unsure how they can leverage technology and make it a core value that can deliver smart solutions and lasting agility. 

In this infobrief, on low-code landscape in Asia-Pacific, IDC delves into how organisations can turn into digital innovation factories to survive and thrive in today’s times. 

Find out what IDC has to say about:

  • Why every enterprise will need to be a digital innovation factory in three to five years
  • What are the innovation in application strategy for uncertain times
  • What are the top three reasons for enterprises to use low-code and other visually guided tools today
  • How business priorities, challenges and development priorities may differ across Greater China, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

To find out more, download the IDC infobrief.