Accelerating Digital Government
With Low-Code Development

Boosting the quality of citizen services while reducing costs

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According to a recent IDG and OutSystems study, the top priority for application developers in the government sector is improving the quality of digital citizen experiences, followed closely by reducing service delivery costs. Accomplishing both seemingly contradictory tasks represents a major opportunity for your agency, but how is it possible?

In this brief research summary, you’ll find the answer to that question. You’ll discover how to:

  • Build applications up to 10 times faster using pre-built components with proven reliability, instead of coding everything from the ground up.
  • Speed up the rollout of new apps and portals with seamless deployment.
  • Shift citizens away from time-consuming, one-on-one interactions for routine services.

Download this two-page report to learn more about how your agency can overcome the top two challenges of delivering cost-effective digital government.